[Approved] Aurora Latam (November - December)

Hello Aurora Community! This is @Turco (Co-Founder of Aurora Latam), this time we are presenting the new proposal for the remainder of the year to continue growing strongly in the latam region.

We have had excellent results in recent weeks with incredible growth in Telegram and Discord, and that is why we want to continue working to keep both communities active and have more engagement with them.

And here is our last Report and Proposal.

Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Develop our Latam/Spanish Aurora Telegram Group to 500 members (400 active members).
  • Develop our Latam/Spanish Aurora Twitter to 750 members (500 followers).
  • Develop our Latam/Spanish Aurora Discord to 300 members (200 active members).

How will we get there?

  1. Workshop series on Youtube (9 how-to videos on DeFi tools)

  2. Crypto Analyst Course - each month (5 classes via streaming and NFT certification)

  3. Collabs with different Aurora Communities (NEAR too)

  4. Research Articles (18 deep dive analysis into Crypto & Aurora)

  5. AMA with exchanges, educational communities and different proyects

  6. Community Calls (9 Discord Calls. Talking with the community about the week’s updates and news)

  7. Kahoots (9 Quiz Games. Playing & Learning through games)

  8. Marketing Campaign for the community to join the Aurora´s live streaming every Friday

  9. Telegram Quiz (8 Quiz Games. Playing & Learning)

Funding Details

Monthly - $3,500:

  • Twitter, Telegram & Discord Moderation (content strategy & execution): 500 usd

  • AMAs & Community Calls: 500 usd

  • Articles + Workshops: 1000 usd

  • Crypto Analyst Course: 1000 usd

  • Giveaways, Games & engaging with the community: 500 usd

Total for 2 months: $3,500 x 2 = $7,000

The wallet for the funds to be delivered will be to: turco.near

To conclude
It was not an easy road, we want to thank everyone who makes this possible @ell @Alex_J @johanga @Vladislav_vl25. We are happy to keep working with this amazing community :heart:


Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
Great post @Turco very good initiative for the Aurora LATAM community.

Just wanted to clarify to @ell @Alex_J @johanga @Vladislav_vl25 that I won’t be taking part in this contract or its respectful KYC. Turco should do his own KYC and sign the contract himself of this proposal and the next ones to come.

I did my part in previous contracts of these last following months:

But will not take part in the next to come. Just wanted to be clear about that :blush:

Besides that small issue, I hope this proposal turns out pretty nicely and will be there to support! Thank you very much


hi! thanks for your proposal
have some questions, could you give more details to several points, please?

  1. how many people are visiting this course? can you show analytics for the previous month concerning this course?
  2. how are you promoting it and inviting new members here?
  3. who is the teacher and what payment for the course does he ask?
  4. how every week the topic is chosen? what are people studying there for?

here i’d like to see also the number of its viewers. don’t see the same work during last months - could you describe more about it - who will prepare these videos? how it’s going to be promoted?
what YouTube channel are you going to use for it?

how is it differs from the materials above?

how much funds does this event take?

do you have details for it - I mean how much funds is used for every activity?
and how many new members does it bring to the community?

and what about collaborations with communities on other blockchains? do you have in mind/in plans any of it?

during previous 3 months (August-October) Aurora Ecosystem has invested in Latam Guild 13500$ and it brought 1153 members,
so 1 member costs 11.71$ - is quite a lot!
and there’re a few options: or to reduce the funding sum per month,
or to increase the outreach of every activity (but without bots-help),
or both :slight_smile:

that’s why I’m asking about your marketing plan,
and try to understand the necessity of each point here - if it really will bring active members to the community?

how do you think, could you reduce the budget to 2000 per month, with keeping socials, giveaways&games, and AMA and collabs for that?
and waiting for your reply to the questions above :blush:

thank you for your work, and let’s grow Aurora with love and care :green_heart:


Ok no problem, we restructured everything with the new budget, but we still want to include our course (which is where we were able to grow strongly with 128 students), the community calls where we talk about the week’s updates and that’s where we play with the community through educational games (like the one from last week where we taught what the l2s are through a quiz game) and research articles to educate the community and have more engagement on twitter.

These are the statistics of our previous course, 128 students applied from all over latamimage


128 students from all over Latiam signed up for the course.

Through Twitter, Telegram & Discord communities and AMAs.

The teacher is @Tute and below is everything detailed and structured again with the new budget

The content is based on near and aurora´s docs, we want the community to know the projects deeply (we also want them to interact with the ecosystem)

We wanted to teach useful tools in DeFi so that they learn to interact with the different projects within the ecosystem.

Through our community channels and collabs.

@Tute is in charge of the workshop videos

Our youtube channel where we also upload our classes

We wanted to make articles about fundamentals in thread mode on Twitter to have more reach and engagement.

Yes, here is everything detailed

Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter & Discord $1000
Crypto Analyst Course Teacher, Marketing & Structure $750
Articles vía Twitter Threads $250
AMAs & Community Calls with different projects and communities $1000
AMAs $750
Community Calls $250
Giveaways, Collabs & Games $1000
Games Telegram Quiz ($80) & Kahoots ($120) $200
Giveaways & Collabs With different communities, proyects & exchanges via Twitter, Telegram & Discord $800
TOTAL $4000
*The salary of the project manager (leader) is included

We expect educational games to have a lot of interactionsand engagement, we sawt the great strategy of Aurora NFT club in their communities and we want to do something similar. Also our collab made with the KuCoin community in Spanish where we did an AMA and a giveaway on twitter had excellent results.

We didn´t know that it was possible to do it with other blockchains. We will take it into account.

All our members/followers were real accounts and we grew organically, We would like there to be control over the use of bots in other communities.

I hope I have solved all your doubts and questions :heart:


hi fam! thanks for your answers @Turco :pray:

so it means

  • the budget for 2 months, right?

please do remind me your youtube channel address
cannot find it in previous proposals

will be looking forward to seeing the report from the whole described plan!
please, do collect links on these collaborative and promotional posts so we’ll be able to track how it works

here I see mostly the opportunity to invite Latam community members to participate in NFT club activities first - this way we all can see if it works and how. maybe after 1-2 times you’ll see that there’s no sense in it, and you. and on the contrary, if you show the metrics that shows evidently that such activities are working well for your audience - it will be an argument to include it to the next proposal
also Venezuela guild works with Spanish - why don’t you gather for such rewards-activities while you can share audience to each other? just curious about it for some time already :blush:

thanks! :green_heart:

your reply is definitely clarifying many points :pray:

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have you received the documents with local web3-communities , and exchanges?
AMA and other activities with outer from Near/Aurora ecosystem communities and projects can develop both sides and we’re more than supportive about this direction! :blush:

also, i have to pay your (and every community’s) attention to the point that is valuable for ecosystem growth :
want to inform you that

  • all the Rewards from giveaways, contests and questions for AMAs have to be sent in Aurora tokens only to AURORA wallets in Aurora mainnet

(as we/Hunters/ are doing on Friday Alex’ stream)


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Yes, the total for two months.


But I comment above that we are not going to do it, we prefer to concentrate on what we have been doing.


I already asked them to do a collab together, there was no answer, I hope we can join forces in different activities. We need each other.

Yes, of course. I made a new list of communities, if you are interested I can send it to you privately and tell me what you think.

Perfect, thanks for notifying us.

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thanks for all your clarifications!
i have no doubts here anymore :pray: :green_heart:

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Your proposal is approved.
$4000 for 2 moths


We appreciate your support and trust in our Guild. Keep BUIDLing! :heart:

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Happy to approve! Please pay attention on AMAs and community growing.