[Approved] Aurora Latam May - June 2023

Guild Name
Aurora Latam

Previous Proposal
[Approved] Aurora Latam March - April 2023

Previous Report
[REPORT] Aurora Latam March - April 2023

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Goals & Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Develop our Telegram Group to +1500 members (1200 active members).
  • Develop our Twitter to +5500 members (4500 followers).
  • Connecting with multiples communities and influencers in Latam
  • Participating in IRL events, hackathons, conferences and meetups
  • Onboarding multiples proyects to Aurora
  • Onboarding new NFT artists to the ecosystem
  • Connect Aurora to events and proyects along Latam
  • Collabs and contests with different Aurora communities, proyects, regional communities, local web3-communities, KOL’s.
  • Research Articles (16 deep dive analysis into Crypto & Aurora).
  • AMA & Workshops with exchanges, KOL´s and proyects (+16 AMAs & Workshops).
  • Kahoots (8 Quiz Games. Playing & Learning through games).


Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter & Discord $1100
Marketing, Content Creation, Articles, Activities & Games Creation of content, Articles, contests, quizzes and daily management $1200
AMAs & Workshops w/ different communities, proyects & exchanges $1200
Giveaways w/ different communities, proyects & exchanges via Twitter, Telegram & Discord $1000
Proposal Solow Aurora Integration on Solow Educative Platform $900
Proposal ETH Ecuador Aurora sponsor on ETH Conference in Quito $250
Proposal BlockchainCon Aurora sponsor on Peru Conference $3000
TOTAL $8650

- Monthly: $2250
- Total for 2 months May - June 2023: $4500
- Extra (Solow, ETH Ecuador, BlockchainCon): $4150
- TOTAL: $8650

- Wallet: turco.near

Our Plan
We will continue to focus on meetups, conferences and workshops to bring new users and more transactions within the platform. We are also putting all our effort in building our educational dApp. Education is always the strong point in latam, so we believe it is the best way to face this project.


Goof morning. What is it? Thanks.

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Gm, We received an invitation to be sponsors of the ETH Ecuador Conference at the end of May, those are the costs to host a talk and a workshop. And Solow is the cost of the integration of Aurora into their educational platform (https://solow.io/).

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After several months of being in Aurora, I am very happy with what we are achieving from Aurora Latam and I am also very grateful that you continue to support us, keep building :muscle:


Your proposal is approved

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Thank you for great job!

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