[Approved] Aurora LATAM

Hello Aurora community! @Alex_J @ell
This is @nacho.near and @Turco from Near Argentina speaking! We wanted to present a project in the Aurora community to create Near Latam.

The Project

We would be gathering efforts with the different guilds which will possibly kickstart from LATAM and coordinate efforts with them in getting a strong Latin American community and bringing education and projects into mainnet, together with people from Aurora

Our guild will be called Aurora Latam, it will be a block that covers every region from Latin America, specially with people that already have communities in brother chains such as Near. This will include Brazil (which I have seen that already presented a project), Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and of course Argentina.

Who we are

For a quick recap, I am the founder and Lead of Near Argentina. We created our guild in Near in January 2022 and we focused our whole content in education and certifying people to be Analysts, Developers and Professors. We specialise in creating communities that want to learn and even fully advocate their time into crypto and blockchain.

Together with me as my second in command is @Turco , Head of Marketing and Socials in Near Argentina and a member from day one with whom I have raised the entire community. His efforts in socials and managing the community is a big part as well of how Near Argentina was built.
And our plan is to replicate the same results here in Aurora.

Socials and Metrics

To also give you a heads up on what we worked in Near I have some charts summarising our monthly growth and at the bottom I will add the reports created to back it up.

Telegram Growth

Twitter Growth

Our socials: Telegram, Twitter and Discord respectively.

Our latest report in the Near Forum including an approved social budget funding and our activities regarding education, projects on mainnet and social campaigns in Twitter and Telegram (AMAs, Twitter Spaces, English and DeFi free lessons in our Discord, and more)

What are we proposing

What problem is the proposal solving?

There is a need for a developed community in LATAM when it comes to Aurora. We aim to satisfy that need. There is yet still a lot of work to be made to even educate when it comes to blockchain, crypto, EVM, and scalability solutions.
And we are here for that.
We have the experience in education and building community and we want to offer you the chance to organise and target the Latin American audience and bring blockchain education and knowledge to them, and also creating a strong community to show them what Aurora is about.

How is the problem being solved?

We will use the same system we did in Near to create a strong community, and take it even further not to expand it just to Argentina but to LATAM as well. We will be coordinating efforts with different guilds in Latin America and helping them develop their community if needed.
This is of course directly going to impact Argentina in a big way since we have our region as a starting point but we plan to expand even further than that. We also have the experience to tackle a challenge such as this by having worked alongside many guilds in Near and seeing how they were related with each other and we even had many AMAs and activities with them, so we have the means necessary to get to that goal in the long run.

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community

We expect to create a strong, friendly, helpful and educated community in Aurora and we hope to teach many in LATAM along the way regarding blockchain and what can be done in the Aurora Ecosystem.
We offer 100% of our time and dedication into it, as we did with Near. We would love to be assigned with such a big task and we were ready a long time ago in Near, so we hope that we can be of big impact as a brand and show our image of how much we have built with so little resources.
We can get there, we have shown results and numbers. And if you trust us with this project we will certainly bring a strong community into Aurora.

Metrics/KPIs to track results

The metrics we have to present to you in the next months are the following:

  • Creating a Latam/Spanish Aurora Telegram Group (and 100 active members).
  • Creating a Latam/Spanish Aurora Twitter (and 250 followers).
  • Creating a Latam/Spanish Aurora Discord (100 active members).
  • Monthly reports such as the ones presented at the bottom of the post.

How will we get there?

  1. Creating articles, guides and reviews on our gitbook.
  2. Doing spaces in Twitter, AMAs in Telegram and teaching in Discord
  3. Get in contact with influencers in LATAM.
  4. Engage and certificate students with Aurora Certifications (we have already an Instructor and developer in the Aurora Ecosystem with us, Dario Sanchez).
  5. Doing workshops.
  6. Direct contact with guilds created and helping create guilds in Aurora.
  7. Participating in Meetups.
  8. Latest News and Updates in Spanish.
  9. Produce Content about Aurora in Spanish.

Funding Details

For all of this we are proposing a 6000usd monthly payment scheme. With monthly reports as the ones presented below to document every step of the way and the job done throughout the next weeks to come.
If there is a need for a specific item to item description to represent or justify the number we have no problem in creating a summary of every activity if needed (in a different post since it will be quite a long and detailed list)
For the grand total we have in consideration every item from the list above and we are ready to start developing and creating an Aurora community in LATAM whenever you require.

The wallet for the funds to be delivered will be to: marchesini.near .
Let us know as well if there is a DAO that can handle Aurora tokens, we would like it better to create one so everything can be transparent and also better organised.

Links of interest (reports, projects, grants, etc.)

Here we have all the work we have been doing in Near, monthly.
This can be our report system to you as well, if preferred:

Closing thoughts

To close this post I would like to say thanks for the opportunity to create a community in Aurora, we are thrilled to already be here in crypto and blockchain and would love to work alongside with this ecosystem.
Any doubt, question, concern or whatever needs to be addressed we will be here and you can reach me in Telegram @ikkelucky for more direct contact.
Thank you very much! Hope to have feedback from you soon!

target wallet : marchesini.near


keep building, let´s go


Thank You for your proposal. Love your work !


Thank you Ell! Much appreciated :blush: we are at your disposition


Good work in Latam Nacho.
It will be awesome to meet you all soon in events and help to build Near and Aurora in Brazil and all Latin America


Thanks Rossoni! Same for you, nice proposal for the community of Brazil in Aurora.
Hope to see you soon in events in this year in latam :blush:


Happy to support! Have a great day !


Nacho! Happy to see you continue growing in the ecosystem! Great job from Argentina, no doubt! :rocket:

@ell is doing good in supporting u and Argentina :metal:

Now regarding LATAM, I have some doubts, as from the Educational team, we once discussed having an alliance where there were members from Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina, but we didn’t know about an Aurora LATAM proposal.

I mean, there are on-chain communities in the ecosystem like Mexico and Venezuela who could have been invited or at least acknowledged there will be a LATAM as a whole proposal.

I am all in to support you as a leader of it; just giving you feedback on that this should not be a surprise for other Guild leaders but something discussed to carry on together in cross-collaboration. Basically, I am not the only one who should be supporting you but also other communities from LATAM.

Here I can see you mentioned Venezuela for example, and even when we know each other already, we have been helping each other, I onboarded you and help you to build your Argentina guild… even tho… from Venezuela we don’t know about an Aurora LATAM proposal.

I know you are here with the best intentions, so I wish I can express myself as clear as possible:

A proposal for LATAM is something that should be worked out together, and not alone by the community of just one country.

We are building decentralized communities, there are already active ones in LATAM, and communication with those is key to making a LATAM project successful.


Hello Dear Fritz! How is everything going?
Nice to see you around here! Glad that we can be working together :blush:

Of course they are all acknowledged since I mentioned in the post that there will be included the entirely of LATAM. Since the only ones that I saw creating a post were Brazil I mentioned them and included everyone else as well.
My idea is to unite every guild and help them develop and grow in Aurora! Be there for them every step of the way.

Of course we will Fritz, this is why I mentioned everyone, and when everyone starts stating that their guild, telegram, twitter and other socials are up and running we will be there to support them and engage with them in organizing everything they need support.
Such as educational projects, launching dapps to mainnet, creating different groups and every activity they need help, we will be there. That is the main idea.
Do not confuse it that its just one community or just one country, its the coordination of every community and we will work out everything together :blush:

So with that said

Thank you very much for your post and for your support! We will make sure to work together with every community in LATAM :blush: if there is anything you want to know or need just let us know. Myself and @Turco . Have a very nice day.


Hi Fritz! Im glad to see you here.
Let´s work together to descentralize Latam and build the Web3.
Thanks for supporting us!


This is wrong and might confuse @ell and others around here that there is an already understanding and that you count with the support from other communities from LATAM.

I am the founder of NEAR Venezuela, I am part of Near Hispano, and I had invite you and leaders from Mexico, Peru, Chile to other cross collaborations with projects but non of us knows about your plan to build an Aurora LATAM.

Which is great initiative! Of course!

But when we built the proposal for LATAM hub on Near we did that together, as no one should be able to call him self or lead alone a LATAM initiative, this is something to build up together.

We exist, we are all around, making this proposal without backup from any other country on LATAM is a clear mistake.

Again, I do believe this is a great initiative and I want it to be successful, that’s why I already said I will support you, but for sure you need to communicate with the other leaders from LATAM.

I hope you can communicate this as soon as possible to invite the leaders from on-chain communities on LATAM to be really part of the Aurora LATAM.

Big hug partner


Thanks Turco! Exactly this is what I mean, you have my support and I expect you to invite me and other Near LATAM community representatives to this Aurora LATAM initiative.

Please let me know, wish to hear from u. U have my telegram handle hehe we all are part of the same LATAM family, we know each other so u already have my contact info :metal:


Of course Fritz, This is the way! i will message you asap.


Hi, @FritzWorm @nacho.near @Turco Greetings from NEAR Mexico!
As Fritz says. We can also join from Mexico for this.
For example, we also work very hard in Mexico with people from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and some LATAM countries.

If you are interested, we can add to detonate the entire ecosystem under the same project, thus making it scale as necessary. If you like, we get in touch to see how the organization could be.


Hello Jose! Of course!
Lets everyone gather to make the most of Near Latam! Love this guys!

I just made the example from @rossoni with his post of Aurora Brazil since I just saw him creating a community within Brazil.

I wanted to get in contact with you guys afterwards this proposal was approved since there is some heavy duty coordination to make and I wanted to know if the proposal was to be approved first.
Obviously you are the first ones to be contacted as well since you both are pillars in latam within Near.
Lets exchange some ideas and see how we develop the entire area.

Love to have you both onboard. We would have Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay with its representatives for the time being. I hope to hear from everyone within latam :blush:

Also I invite you to brainstorm with ideas for us to develop or start creating proposals of your own for your region and what would you like to develop (socials, projects, dapps, etc). Let me know what I can help you with!
Cheers and good day (or good night hehe)


Proposal is approved


Thank you very much Alex! Thanks for the support


You will receive a pm message soon.
Thank you and have a great day.


Great ell thank you as well! I will be waiting, let me know whatever you need
Have a great day :blush:


hi! could you please share the links when it’s created :pray:

thank you
have a nice day !