[Approved] Aurora NFT Club - October, November

Was it a pool reward or a singular reward?

I don’t know how come he promised you your college fee…but @Naveen_in can answer here again to clear this.

I just participated in a meme contest where the winners to be decided using voting.
But i saw that voting is biased so i raised my question and naveen assured me that he will give me 120$ as the 1st prize tomorrow morning.
But he lied to me, 120$ means a lot to me I can pay my college fees with that sir.

Pool was 400$ where some goes for tiping and rest are distributed to the winners around 300$.
1st:- 120
2nd:- 100
3rd:- 80

Were you the first?

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After i raised the issue of biased voting naveen said me i am 1st and he will give me the reward tomorrow morning.
And i have ss of that convo

This thread here is regarding the NFT Club.

Your issue is related to Meme Daily, which you have already shared on NEAR. Which was also inappropriate as NEAR Protocol was never involved in the contest.

This thread here has nothing to do with the current concern you are raising here.

If you have anything realted to Aurora NFT Club. Please do share.


I am here to just warn Aurora community also sir.
So that they don’t get fooled just like me nothing else.

Yes NEAR protocol don’t involve in the contest but i had to get people know that you are doing unfair partices to get money from projects on the name of NEAR.

So I am here to inform Aurora community as well, maybe you can use Aurora name for unfair practices as you used NEAR.

As Aurora NFT club also run by you so there is high possibility.

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ignore him he is just a kid who is trying to defame others
He didnt win many contests in past and than he goes to forum and try to defame communities so that they give him 10 or 20$.
He just want money he dont care about community , results or anything.

you will see his crying messages in all aurora community groups , crying for money whenever he didnt win

:joy::joy:again a fake account.
If i am trying to defame you how the proof goes against the community.
I am not defaming any community i am just here to let people know what is the actual truth what practises are going on right now in the community.

If speaking with honesty is defaming the community then yes i am defaming.

And bro what about the proofs that i provided here clearly showing the unfair practices.

Telling the truth to let stop the unfair practices are defaming😐. Strange.