[Rejected] Aurora NFT Club - February, March, and April

Guild: NFT Club - Aurora
Introduction: [Introduction] Aurora NFT Club

$10500 for 3 Months [February, March and April]

I. Community Member’s Growth
II. Account Impressions and Reach
III. Content Production
IV. Hosting Twitter Spaces/AMA
V. Community Contests
VI. NFT Week Newsletter
VII. Funding Request

I. Members Growth

Platform 3 Month Growth
Twitter +1500
Instagram +300
Telegram Group +100
Telegram Channel +200
Medium +50

II. Impression’s / Reach

Platform- Activities 3 Month Target
Twitter- Impressions 500K+
Twitter- Profile Visits 100K+
Instagram Accounts Reach 2500+
Medium-Views 500+

III. Content Produced

Platform 3 Months Target
Twitter Posts 150+
Instagram Posts 100+
Blogs 10

IV. Twitter Spaces / AMA

Platform 3 Month Target
Host Twitter Spaces 10
Host Telegram AMA 10

V. Community Contests

A. Followers Growth : 2500+ combined followers to NFT Artists, Communities, and Marketplace
B. On-Chain Events : NFT Mints 100+
C. NFT Artist Onboarding : 20+
D. Weekly Contests/Active Community Contributor Contests : 20

VI. NFT Week Newsletter

12 Publications

  • 1 Publication each Week covering global NFT News and Aurora Ecosystem News

VII. Funding Request

  • Team Management, Social Media Management, Community Management, Content Writing, AMA : $2500/pm
  • Community Rewards [Community Contests] : $500/pm
  • NFT Week Newsletter : $500/pm

1 Month : $3500
3 Months : $3500 X 3 = $10,500

cc: @Alex_J, @ell and @johanga

Wallet: aurora_nftclub.near

Aurora NFT Club


Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal

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We understand that this news may come as a disappointment for our staff and community members.

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in our business operations and circumstances beyond our control, we have decided to temporarily halt our club’s activities without the approval of proposal for funds. We appreciate your support and contributions to our club, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

We want to assure you that we are actively seeking ways to resume our activities as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Aurora NFT Club