[Approved] Aurora NFT Club - October, November

Guild: NFT Club - Aurora
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September Month Proposal: [Approved] Aurora NFT Club (September)
September Month Report: [Report][Sept] Aurora NFT Club


Hello All,
September was our first month in the Aurora ecosystem and we did achieved an active community and collaborations. In the upcoming months [Oct+Nov] we are proposing the following activities

  • Connecting with our regional communities and Marketplaces via dedicated groups.
  • Prepare more educational resources (Blogs/Tutorials/Workshops) for the Aurora NFTs.
  • Initiating NFT Weekly Digest along with the Monthly Newsletter
  • Events [AMA/Contests] with communities outside Aurora [ Near, Avalanche, Polygon and Solana NFT Marketplaces ]
  • Explore new social media platforms for Degen Activities
  • Onboarding Planning: Creators and New Members
  • Track the content of Aurora marketplaces feed and share it in our group.
  • To host one NFT Event/Quiz every week. Motivating the regional groups to host NFT events once in a week

Matrix to Success

  • NFT Degen Posts/Comments/Answers on different social media platforms
  • Twitter and Instagram Account Impressions and Followers
  • Subscribers and Members Onboarding
  • No of events hosted with projects outside Aurora [ NEAR, AVAX, MATIC and SOL ]
  • AMA attendees/listeners
  • Active Community Members [Telegram]
  • New Aurora+ wallet and NFT Minting events
  • Number of Blogs [Tutorial and Educational]
  • Global Newsletter/Blogs Impressions about Aurora NFT’s content
  • #AuroraNFT Hashtag growth


A: Paid/Influencer Marketing: $700 X 2 = $1400

  • Events outside Aurora Community: $400
  • Paid Marketing [Networking Efforts + Newsletter Post + Social Media] : $300

B: Monthly Expense: $3810 X 2 = $7620

Activities Involved

  • Community Management: $1000
  • NFT Degen [1000+ comments/posts/answers]: $600
  • Social Media Management[Twitter + Instagram] : $400
  • Graphic Designing [30 Posts Twitter + 30 Instagram NFT Feature/Post]: $500
  • Content Writing [4 Blog’s]: $160
  • Telegram [ 2 x Moderation] $250
  • Twitter Space [2 X $50/AMA]: $100
  • Aurora NFT Week [$100/Week]: $400
  • Community Events/Quiz/Contest [$100/Week]: $400

[October+ November] Month: $1400 + $7620 = $9020

Contact Us
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuroraNftClub

Wallet ID: aurora_nftclub.near


cc : @Alex_J and @ell


Proposal is approved


Happy to approve, please wait for an agreement on your email.


After scamming people on NEAR finally @Naveen_in is here to scam people in Aurora.
Nice step.

please stop accusing others without clear evidence, your speech is full of jealousy and hatred


I have proper evidence how naveen is scamming people in NEAR ecosystem. (Posted on NF)
And after so much of allegations NF closes hi all projects now he came to Aurora.
And we all now why NF closes funds to naveen.
Let me grab some more proofs for Aurora as well and then i will report him on Aurora forums too

Cant you see they already scammed people now and its time for Aurorains …,
It’s a healthy Project you guys are making it downwards !! Kudos to team


Such a Scammer People around uss !! @The_darrk @johanga @Alex_J @ell

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Yup i am also trying to convince them that he will make Aurora ecosystem toxic just like he makes NEAR.
NF knows it earlier and stop his funding right time.
I hope you all get this scam, he again take money from Aurora work 1 - 2 months honestly then start scamming people again and split the money between his friends.

Actually, AURORA should have some Quality measures , Can you post these issue on Twitter and Tag all near and Aurora Mainn community, Let’s not ignore these issue

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There is already a thread on Twitter but again naveen trying to wipe this issue and passed a false statement.
Here is the link:- https://twitter.com/NANCON68/status/1589491666771406849?t=w_O9zZl0sixJMHXM_AmDRw&s=19

Whoa, I have no comment about it, try to digest the whole information

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Bro take a look into this and then think how naveen making ecosystem biased day by day.

why you share this things with these fake IDs?

XD if your tg username is this message in NEAR official with your tg that i am ankit soni.
Trying to put fake allegations but don’t using brain

Just created 7 hours ago :joy:

I read your post on the NEAR forum. Often, I feel the way we present things matter too. Rewards were shared unfairly according to you, I think you should present the situation in a more constructive way than jumping up with calling him a SCAM.

Some words carry much weight than we think btw.

However, I allow @Community to look at this


Sir the topic is closed now by the core near team but thanks for your concern and you took this matter.

I know i don’t choose the right words thats my mistake but i was in disappointment.

I am just here to say that this kinda people are degrading community afterall.

Thanks for your time sir. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hail Aurora!
Aurora to the moon.

It was closed because you and those who were supporting you turned the thread to something else.

What is happening here now is that situation where someone hurts you once and you want to go everywhere to tarnish his image. This, i say because its obvious you are bitter towards him after your experience.

The question here is that; after the whole situation, were you given some tokens or not? If yes, a single call on NEAR forum was enough.

Remember that no one is 100% bad.

This doesn’t mean I am supporting your counterpart for whatever happened.

What I will say is that, dragging people for a single bad encounter isn’t always the best.


But sir hi promised me of 120$ and thats my college fees.
But after some days passed he dined me giving the amount when he declared me as a winner.

Rest i don’t know what to do now, I complaint him on NF but he doesn’t give me any sort of amount now i am here to tell the community that guys don’t be fool, Be careful because people make fake promises and turns the table very quickly