[Approved] Aurora NFT Club (September)

Introduction: [Introduction] Aurora NFT Club

We have submitted our proposal earlier in the month of July and were commented to resubmit the proposal in next quarter. Before making the proposal in next quarter we would like to try once again with this new proposal which is mostly elevated towards the activity in bringing the new users from the other chains to Aurora and creating visibility of Aurora in NFT communities and influencers.


Hello All,

Right now Aurora NFTs are at the early stage where only ‘Endemic’ is dedicated Aurora Marketplace
while other marketplaces are multi-chain platforms supporting different chains or other’s who are still in coming soon stage.

On the other side, new communities and collections coming to Aurora need a platform from where they can share about their projects and get the attraction of NFT enthusiasts. In this early stage we want to build a strong community by keeping the existing NFT enthusiasts together and share about Aurora NFTs on social media platforms so we can get more creators/builders from different chain to Aurora.

Currently, What problems will we solve ?

  • Visibility of Aurora within the wide NFT ecosystem
  • Onboarding new NFT creators/developers from different chains
  • Aurora NFT ecosystem updates in all the Aurora regional groups

How we will solve it?

  • NFT Degen Team will shill about the Aurora NFT’s on different regional groups of Aurora and on other chain users (creators/builders) public profiles
  • Share weekly updates of Aurora NFT Ecosystem
  • Provide marketing support to the New NFT Marketplaces/Communities/Collections
  • Provide Online Workshop Material in regional groups about NFTs
  • Monitor and create a database of NFT Enthusiasts in all Aurora regional groups
  • Publish NFT Blogs and Infographics
  • Monthly AMA about the NFT Ecosystem Updates

NFT Degen Responsibility

  • Shill about Aurora NFTs on Twitter
  • Establish connections within the regional groups for onboarding NFT enthusiasts
  • Onboard NFT Enthusiasts to NFT Club Telegram Group
  • Moderating Telegram Group

Matrix to Success

  • NFT Degen Twitter Impressions
  • Number of new users from other chain to Aurora Marketplaces, Communities and Forum
  • Monthly feedback from regional communities/creators/builders
  • No of community/project collaborations
  • Our TG/Twitter Impressions and Users
  • New projects subscribing our packages


A: One Time Cost: $500

  • Media Branding Kit: $300
  • Accounts/Forms Setups : $200

B: Monthly Expense: $2500

Activities Involved

  • Community Management
  • NFT Degen
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Contest/Events/Rewards
  • AMA
  • Aurora NFT Week: $100/project [Right now starting with Endemic]

September Month: $500 + $2500 = $3000

Contact Us
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuroraNftClub
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub

Wallet ID: aurora_nftclub.near


cc @Alex_J and @ell



  • What is your plan to onboard users on NFT platforms?
  • Have you reached out to NFT marketplaces on Aurora yet?
  • It would be great to see a comment from Endemic here.
    Thank you


  • We are forming a team of NFT Degen’s having the responsibility to create awareness about Aurora NFTs in different NFT communities and social media accounts.
  • And to track the onboarded users we will be circulating the NFT’s minted on Endemic.
  • We haven’t reached out to many as most of them are multichain projects. Right now we are connected with the only dedicated Aurora NFT Marketplace ‘Endemic’.
  • We have also received our verified Institution status on Endemic. Aurora NFT Club - Profile | Endemic
  • Once we get the confirmation to kick start our community we will be approaching and getting the other projects with us. We have already prepared the list of team to contact.

Hello I love this initiative
I love NFT projects and have equally minted some in Near Protocol. I will love to be one of the degens.
Here’s my twitter handle


Hi! I’m Zooyo co founder & art director at Endemic NFT marketplace. Aurora NFT club reached out to us and extended their hand for collaboration and partnership. Working with them has been great, hopefuly they get the grant and continue building Aurora eco system together with Endemic team.


Thank you Zooyo for the feedback and being helpful in getting us the verified profile on Endemic Marketplace.


Hello, I’d like to say yes if you can bring new artists and users on Aurora NFT platforms.


Wow Aurora NFT Club on her way to success… Thanks @ell for your support

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We are going to distribute Membership NFTs to the New Users/Artists to track our progress.
And for onboarding we will be sharing about the Aurora and Aurora NFTs via our NFT Degen program.


Why do you think that regional projects will not be able to advertise their own NFT and find developers, artists for NFT? How will you attract new participants from other blockchains? How will you advertise Aurora and Near blockchain in communities where you are not familiar with NFT? What is the expected value of the NFT after cooperation with your channel?
Thx :blush:



We agree with that the regional groups can manage their NFT advertisements.
One of our goal is to connect the regional group NFT enthusiasts via us so we can give all the NFT related announcements on a global level and more option of visibility can be achieved.

  • To attract the new participants we will be sharing about the Aurora and Aurora NFTs in different NFT Communities via our NFT Degen program (Incentives will be provided for lead generation)

Right now we are not aiming to get users who are not aware about NFTs. As it takes more time to create awareness about NFTs in new people which is possible only via Online/Offline workshops.

Expected value of NFT will depend on the project our goal will be to make sure everyone in the community know about the project.


Proposal is approved


Thank you Alex. :slight_smile:

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This is quite a good news

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Hi All, We are recruiting members for the NFT Degen post based on the form submission.
Kindly fill out this Membership Form and select NFT Degen at the end so we can consider your submission for the post.

Link: https://forms.gle/PfhHpFrkZ6UUc1Tm7



Would love to sync on this for our platform on Aurora https://genadrop.io/



Please join our Telegram Group : Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub
Let’s connect and explore the things in detail.

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great stuff thanks for sharing


Hey can you share details about Team ?