[Approved] Aurority September, October

Hello @ell, @Alex_J and Aurora Community

After August proposal and August report underestimated the implementation of the new channe,so I have some updates and tweaks to the itinerary

August stats

Twitter: 1223 followers
Telegram: 603 members
Facebook Fanpage: 4.419 followers
Instagram: 22 followers

September Activity

Brand Creation - Support the first projects**

  • New plan CM members(Probation): Add 2 people starting in September ($400/ 2 person)
    1 office person and 1 remote person to regularly support the community

  • 25 graphics/ month include: 15 advanced graphics - 10 infographics

  • Connect and support communication for Maximum effort supports 4 projects

  • Organize 2-4 AMAs with projects Aurority support

  • Support project active on Aurora Community Core

  • Support another guild on Aurora and issue that core team Aurora assign

Expectations in September

Twitter: 2500 followers
Telegram: 900 members
Fanpage: 4.500 followers
Instagram: 100 followers

Addon-value (not include in reward)

Was the guest of honor of the Faculty of Information Technology at a local university business
In order to facilitate my event planning in the future, I decided to attend the workshop as a guest for the talkshow and introduce my journey into blockchain development, of course the content cannot Missing is Near & Aurora.

Workshop details

  • Location: Enterprises of Dong A University - Faculty of Information Technology
  • Number of attendees: 150
  • Topic: introduce Aurora - an EVM network on blockchain & Career Development Opportunities On aurora -
  • My Presentation: Journey from Marketing & Software Specialist to Blockchain
  • Goal: represent Aurority to attend the workshop to increase brand awareness, popularize blockchain knowledge, introduce Near & Aurora to the community

This is a precursor to the another larger workshop plan I’m planning in the future(maybe end of this year) and very happy to be able to update and share with everyone

Rewards request for September

Social channel growth $4900
Support 3 project in early stage via Form $450

Total budget is $5350

Thanks for always watching and supporting

Approved : $9 000 for two months , aurority.near


Good day, thank you for your proposal.

  • Battle Boars - is not the Aurora Ecosystem project.
  • Please pay attention to the Aurora Community news stream and weekly updates - two sources of significant information that should be shared in all Aurority social media at the same day.

Thank you


Thanks for your feedback,

I will remove battle boars from support

Yes, we’ve set up our priority news channel.

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Thank you for your proposal. I can approve 2 months with the lower amount per month and $9000 in total.


Happy to support ! Have a great day.

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Thank you @Alex_J @ell :smiley:


@Justin good morning! Could you please share a report? Thank you!


Thank you for reminder. I’m try to clarify all of metrics. Will post soon

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