[REPORT] January&Febuary - 2023 - Aurority

Hello @Alex_J, @ell & my dear community, the first two months of the year have passed with many challenges and everyone’s perseverance in community building

This time with smoother cooperation and strong contributions from elite members of the community @ell - @johanga - @Dk_51 - #Ivan - @techdir

Along with the ability to adapt and handle the work of Aurority team

Council/ leader: @Justin
Mentor: @Nearity
Expressman: 2(1 increase compared to December)
Probation expressman: 2(New)
Designer: 2
Probation Designer: 1(New)
Probation CM: 1(New)

Based Previous Proposal

And Previous Report

We continue to update the target indicators we have achieved on January - February

1.1/ Twitter activity (main channel)

From January: 5961 followers to Febuary: 7533 followers

Once again, a big thank you to the members who contributed to building the Aurora community and other guilds on Aurora, we had great collaborations and brought great results.

There’s been something wrong with Twitter since we had blue ticks that prevented us from retrieving stats from twitter from January and earlier.

Fortunately, in February, the data was still collected and presented well.

This month, the number of followers and unfollowers has fluctuated dramatically. I thought I had achieved my goal of 7500 followers. Based on analytics from auroradao.club we have lost almost 1000 new followers. This will be a necessary point to consider the risk of users leaving

1.2/ Jan & Feb Events

Jan & Details

January Project Time Rewards Status Listener
1 Mailchain Jan 17 Promotion of project’s products and service Done 74
2 Attarius Network Jan 19 500 Done 149
3 Uno.farm Jan 29 500 Done 638
4 Coinstats Jan 31 Promotion of project’s products and service Done 132
Total AMA rewards 1000 AURORA Total Listener 993
2 gifts are products and services of the project
Awarded 1000 AURORA Pending reward 0
2 gifts are products and services of the project Pending reward 0

Feb & Details

Febuary Project Time Rewards Status Listener
1 Rango exchange Giveaway Feb 14 500 Aurora Done #
2 Rango exchange AMA Feb 19 50 Near Done 173
3 CoinBrain Feb 9 50 Near Done 100
4 Unmarshal Feb 22 50 $Marsh Done 262
5 Ownity Feb 27 300 Aurora Done 103
6 Real Ghost Chain Feb 15 200 $GMV Done 148
7 Aurora Community Defi Feb 28 1000 Aurora Done 649
8 Mises Next month AMA
9 Saddle Finance Next month AMA
10 Aurigami Next month AMA
11 PureFi Protocol Next month AMA
12 MugenSwap Next month Discussing
13 Giottus Crypto exchange Next month Discussing
Total AMA rewards NEAR 100 Total Listener 1435
Marsh 50
GMV 200
Awarded NEAR 100 Pending reward 1000 AURORA(Processing)
GMV 200

Thus, in Jan and Feb, there are a total of 11 AMAs and 1 Giveaways With the total reward given to the community is 2800 AURORA, 50 NEAR, 50 $Marsh, 200 $GMV .

Especially, Aurority and its members built the community and with the support from many other participants successfully organized the AMA on the topic of Defi on Aurora. The number of live and interactive listeners at one time reached more than 180 people and then the number of listeners increased to 649 times after the AMA took place.

It’s great that some projects have agreed to move the AMA to March to make room for the AMA event on our topic.

1.4.Tweets & details
Jan & Feb Details

January + Febuary 250+ tweet
RT + Quote RT 50+
Total news 140
Ecosystem 105
Projects 74
Advance & infographics 83
News & Graphics 119

Total 250+ Tweets in two month, Including 100 news tweets and 50 rt+quote rt , In 140 news tweets there are 105 tweets about Aurora and 74 Tweets about projects, Total complicated Tasks and Infographic jobs are 83, and general news and images are 119

2.Telegram group
increased more than 300 members compared to the previous period, discovered nearly 5 accounts were locked and removed from the group. Up to now, there are more than 1300 members on the community. In which Weekly Active Users(WAU) is128 and Monthly Active Users(MAU) is 393


Thank you for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you :hugs:


Hey, good morn!
here is your work done in the months of January-February

Socials January-February
No. of followers planned achieved(Jan-Feb)
Twitter 7500/2 months 7533
TG 1300/2 months 1335
AMAs 10 13

Community Daily Growth:

  1. Twitter:

  2. Telegram:

Thanks for the great job!


Good job. :+1:

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Thank you very much, it is indispensable for your contribution and companionship my @Dk_51 :hugs:

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