[Report] - Aurority March & April 2023

Hello @Alex_J, @ell & my dear community, the last two months of session 2 of 2023 are coming to an end with many challenges and constant updates from everyone in contributing and building the community. AURORA grows strong.

We appreciate the intense help from AURORA elite members @ell - @johanga - @Dk_51 - #Ivan - @techdir. Thanks to that, we have worked tirelessly to develop, build, and contribute together. Best regards! :pray:

Council/ leader: @Justin @WinstonP
Mentor: @Nearity
Expressman: 4
Designer: 3
Probation CM: 2(New)

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We continue to update the figures for March & April

1.1/ Twitter activity (main channel)

March: 9,038 followers increase by 1415
April: 9,585 followers increase of 547

Thank you to everyone who helped create the Aurora community and other guilds in Aurora, we had excellent cooperation and produced outstanding outcomes

image image

There was an adjustment this past April to change the partnership news layout and repost news from projects that have Aurority’s identity. This may have reduced impressions in the past month, so we will continue to consider it more carefully in the next period

This is the layout we use to repost project news

This is the layout we use to announce collaborations on projects

it’s great that the number of followers increased significantly in March and April is cool and smooth.

1.2/ March & April Events 1

March Details

No. Project Time Rewards
($AURORA/ Others)
Status Listener
1 Saddle Mar 6 500 awarding 148
2 PureFi Protocol Mar 7 500 Done 198
3 Mises Mar 9 500 Done 217
4 Aurigami Mar 10 500 Done 142
5 Quill Audits Mar 11 500 Done 114
6 BitOk Mar 14 500 Done 133
7 Delta.Theta Mar 17 500 Done 106
8 Australis Mar 18 500 Done 178
9 MugenSwap Mar 22 50 Done 149
10 Reveel Mar 28 0 Done 80
11 Xircus Mar 29 500 Done 174
12 Chainge Mar 27 500 Done 465
Total AMA rewards 5050 AURORA Total
Saddle project has not awarded 500 AURORA to the community yet
Awarded 4550 Aurora Pending reward 500 AURORA

April Details

No Projects Time Rewards
($AURORA/ Others)
Status Listener
1 Krystal Apr 13 500 Done 3900
2 Midle Apr 4 500 Done 134
3 StableUnit Apr 6 500 Done 127
4 Obvious Apr 5 500 Done 447
5 Utilities AMA on Aurora twitter Apr 17 1000 Done 3800
6 Radom Apr 18 500 Done 147
7 Forward Protocol Apr 19 500 Done 3900
8 Swing postpone to May Discussing
9 Layer 3 AMA on Aurora telegram channel postpone to May Discussing
10 OutDID postpone to May Discussing
11 Chronicle postpone to May Discussing
12 RedStone Oracle postpone to May Postpone
13 OMNIA postpone to May Discussing
14 Chaineye postpone to May Discussing
Total AMA rewards 4000 AURORA Total
Awarded 4000 AURORA Pending reward 0

Thus, in March and April, there are a total of 26 AMAs and 1 Giveaway With a total community reward of 9050 AURORA - twice as much as in March & April. And Aurority had organized successfully 19 AMAs and it was great because almost everything went smoothly, the community is very enthusiastic to raise their hands to ask their questions and opinions. And 5 projects moved their AMA to May for objective reasons

In particular, Aurority and its members built the community and with the support from many other participants successfully organized the AMA on the topic of Utilities AMA on Aurora Twitter. The number of live and interactive listeners reaches more than 3800 tuned in and commended from the projects co-participating in the speaker.

1.4.Tweets & details
Mar & Apr Details

March + April 528
RT + Quote RT 170
Total news 227
Ecosystem 69
Projects 158
Advance & infographic 70
News & Graphic 131
Longpost 2

Total of more than 528+ Tweets in two months, Including 227 news tweets and 170 rt+quote rt, In 227 news tweets there are 69 tweets about Aurora and 158 Tweets about the project, Total Complex Tasks and Graphics Work information is 70, news and general images are 131 (will edit when the numbers are synthesized).

The 2 long posts of March and April are Which will Layer2 explode next and Look back Q1/2023 of Aurora

2.Telegram group

increased more than 300 members compared to the previous period, and discovered nearly 20 accounts were locked and removed from the group. Up to now, there are more than 1684 members on the community. In which Weekly Active Users(WAU) is163 and Monthly Active Users(MAU) is 343

Telegram Group in the past period did not have much activity due to the change in personnel and the learning process of the community manager. In the next period we will be greatly improved

Thank you for your interest and follow up here. Extremely respectful. Once again, thank you to the excellent and active members in the community building journey with Aurora in general and Aurority in particular and Looking forward to hearing from you :hugs:


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of March - April

Socials March - April
No. of followers Planned Achieved
Twitter 9,500+ 10,742
Impressions 400k+ 572k+
TG 1,600+ 1,709
AMAs 10 19

Community Daily Growth



Thanks For The Great Work!