[Approved] Chinese version of Twitter, Telegram, Medium, announcements and documents

and where do majority of these people live?
whats the legal status of crypto in that majority speaking place?
Commonly speaking language but where is these majority concentrated?
Surely no one wants to loose the audience but their is much more to loose in long term in achieving the short term gains

hi !

for preparing to start AuroraHunters i’m collecting social media links of every approved Aurora Community Guild. so we’ll be able to tag you and keep informing about community news, updates and Contests :blush:
and i’ve found the link

doesn’t work for me unfortunately

could you please update links when it’s created :pray:

thank you!

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Hi @johanga ,

Good morning. Thank you for your support.

That is my bad. I changed the user name of the twitter account to (1) auroraisnear中文站 (@AuroraisnearCN) / Twitter

Please use the link above.

Have a good day.

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thanks a lot !

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Hi @johanga
I just updated the link of the Telegram and Medium. Thanks.


Happy to support . Have a great day!

We appreciate your support. Have a lovely day.

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Hi @Fei I am glad to see that your proposal has been approved
I am in your Guild and in your media and I see your progress.
Keep up the good work man


Hi @Mohamad_76 , Thank you very much for being supportive from the beginning. I wish the best to you and your Guild.