[Report] Aurora China Guild Monthly Report [August]

Hi Aurora family, @ell and @Alex_J,

The approved proposal as follows:
[Approved] Chinese version of Twitter, Telegram, Medium, announcements and documents - Aurora Community - Aurora

Guild, community, project name
Aurora China Guild

Region, country
China, Asia

Links on social media


It has been a productive month for Aurora China Guild in August. We focused on the localization at first then launched Aurora China Guild while the community grows.

Please take a look at the twitter data showing the organic grow:

We have translated twitter and Medium article of Aurora into Chinese and post them on Twitter and Medium.
The link of the articles as below:
每周更新 2022–08–05 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium
每周更新 2022–08–12 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium
每周更新 2022–08–19 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium
Cask Protocol 把NFT 订阅服务带到Aurora - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium
安全跨链借贷和流动性来到AURORA - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium
每周更新 2022–08–26 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium

We discussed with community members about the future of Aurora and provided supports when they had issues or questions in Telegram.

We run two raffles to attract more attention about Aurora.

We have interacted with other Aurora communities and NEAR Chinese Community.

We believe Aurora China Guild will become one of the most dedicated community in the foreseeable future.

We look forward to your input to improve in the coming month.

Thank you.


You are doing a good job.
But how can we see the results of the raffles, how many people participated, and how many won?

There is also no information about the various giveaways or how the grant money was spent.
There is no announcement channel in TG, news gets into the chat and it is not fixed in any way.

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Hi @Vladislav_vl25 ,

Thank you very much for your encouragement. We will make a good effort to achieve more.

Regarding your enquiry, we released the result after the raffle ended on Twitter and Telegram. I guess it is written in Chinese so you were not aware of those.
By the way, the report is about August proposal. In our proposal of August, we did not ask for budget for the raffles. We paid the prize out of our pocket. Therefore, we didn’t include this in the report.
Since you asked, the participation of Twitter and Telegram was above 100 person, four won.

If you read the proposal regarding this report, the budget is for the localization. We not only accomplished the localization task but also launched Aurora China Guild. The grant is for localization, and the report is about the localization. I bet it shows how the money was spent.

Announcement channel will be created soon, we are currently in collaboration with NEAR Chinese community and will work out a best way to do that.

Thank you for your support during the first month of Aurora China.


Thank you and have a great day!

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