[Approved] Dashboard as a Community Tool

Aurora Community dashboard developing
updates are coming soon

Funding details:
4000usd - development
2200usd - management and support
total funding : 6200usd



Hi Johanga, why there is no Aurora Hunter stats on Aurora DAO Dashboard?

Can you make a detailed cost breakdown about this?

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it’s a good question:) under the amount of work I forgot to add it there.
also we’re not a regional community. and we collect members from other communities. have no idea what data will be shown there and if it will be relevant and give any new info.
but definitely, we’ll include our socials there , thanks for noticing :pray:



You proposal is approved

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Thank you. Moving to approved.

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Please share report by end of the week. Thanks.

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Report: totally working dashboard is here https://auroradao.club/

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