[Approved] Influencer marketing for AURORA on B4B

Hello Aurora team!

We would like to propose a pre-approved campaign with micro-middle influencers via the B4B protocol.

B4B Intro

Web3 influencer Ad platform with reputation-based rewards, which helps to launch ads campaign on planned dates on Twitter with secure payments.

Web site: https://b4b.world
Ads launch app: https://b4b.app
Influencer app: https://influencer.b4b.app
DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/aurora/social/b4b-world
Twitter: https://twitter.com/b4b_world

What are we planning to do?

**Incentive campaigns with influencers for AURORA **
At least 70% of the budget we will use to pay for pre-approved influencers via B4B Protocol. We expect to launch 20+ promoted posts and reposts per month in that way with micro and middle Web3 influencers and attract influencers and their community to Aurora new products.

Social Media Activities & Measurements

  • 20-30 Twitter/Telegram influencer’s channels (with 10-100k followers): posts/retweets of Aurora updates and products,
  • 150k+ new views of the posts/repost

Content Writing

  • Social Media Content Writing for posts/reposts

Spaces, Meetings

  • Additional AMAs with new influencer’s community and Aurora (by request)

B4B Contact/Info

300+ verified Twitter/Telegram influencers now. 1800+ community in our Twitter/Telegram

Budget Proposal - monthly - paid in unlocked AURORA tokens
Proposal per month: 10000 USD
NEAR Wallet address: b4b_world.near
Contact Telegram: @AAPecherkin


  • 20+ micro/medium influencers attracted to make posts/reposts
  • 20+ posts/tweets over all social media influencers channels
  • Content Creation for 20+ posts/reposts
  • 150 000+ views of posts/reposts
  • We will use utm-links to track traffic from posts

Advantages for AURORA ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of AURORA
  • Enhancing new influencers and their community in AURORA
  • Empowering the AURORA ecosystem through collaborations with other communities
  • Motivate crypto enthusiasts to join the AURORA ecosystem to get involved in new products
  • Increasing transparent transactions and Ad launch/payment on Aurora blockchain, which can be tracked on dappRadar of B4B

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal.

B4B team


Your proposal is approved


Happy to approve. Thank you.