[Approved] Key Opinion Leaders for Aurora Community

Project: Influencer Marketing Campaign for Aurora Community
Region: CIS region and Eastern Europe
Number of Members: 1
Funding scheme: Single payment.

Hi, there to everyone at Aurora Community!

Aurora has already managed to win people’s hearts at the stage of rapid technological development. But, it is also natural for any product to constantly grow and strive to attract investments, attention, and users.

Since we’re already 424 days into the bear market, sooner or later, the bull market will come sooner or later.

Among the many other crypto marketing tools, a special place takes promotion through opinion leaders - an established and proven method of promotion.

It helps:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Connect with the audience on a deeper level
  • Gain trust and establish authority

Why consider promoting Aurora through opinion leaders now?
Bear markets offer a great marketing opportunity for three main reasons:

  • It is far more cost-effective
  • There is far less noise to cut through
  • It is an investment that yields outsized growth returns during the next bull run

Given the above, I present to the community a proposal to promote Aurora through opinion leaders.

How is the problem being solved?

  • Conduct Marketing Strategy
  • Define the Audience
  • Determine the Growth Metrics
  • Shortlist the Influencers
  • Set a budget and Management Strategy
  • Collaborate with Influencers to develop effective content
  • Monthly reports

Metrics to track results

Resources to work with
Website - aurora.dev
Avg. Visit Duration: 02:18.
65,000 Visits/Monthly (Januar stats.)
Bounce Rate ~ 50%
GEO Distribution
VN - 12%, IN - 11%, UA - 10%, US - 9%

Socials - @auroraisnear
33,7/100 Twitter Quality Score
ER - 0,06%

Increase brand awareness

  • Impressions - number of times the post was displayed to your audience
  • Engagements - likes, comments, shares, reactions
  • Brand Mentions - tracking with a dedicated tool
  • Reviews - Independent reviews from the community (video, text)

Boost engagement

  • Audience growth. (Website Visitors + Socials Followers)
  • Retweets, shares, comments
  • Post clicks - interactions

Increase social media followers

  • Follower Growth Rate = New Followers / Starting Follower Count x 100%

Site Traffic

  • New Users – Count the number of new users that come to your site for the first time
  • Total Sessions – The total number of sessions logged on the site during the specified period
  • Time on Site – The average amount of time people spend on your website. This assists you in determining your bounce rates
  • Total Pageviews — This counts the number of pages seen during the specified period. In this manner, you can see where your users spend most of their time
  • Referral Visits – This allows us to see which of our influencers are sending traffic to the site

We have carefully selected and respected opinion leaders to help us achieve our goals and success metrics

Why do we recommend these Influencers?

  • Distinguished and reputable media resources
  • A balanced and competent presentation of information
  • Engaging yet the educational presentation of content
  • Representatives of CIS market - the fourth largest crypto market

Telegram - 68,000 Subscribers, AV 10,000+ Impressions Per Post;
YouTube - 64,000 Subscribers, AV 10,000+ Views Per Episode;

Telegram - 110,000 Subscribers, AV 15,000+ Impressions Per Post;
YouTube - 117,000 Subscribers, AV 5,000+ Views Per Episode;

Telegram - 25,000 Subscribers, AV 6,000+ Impressions Per Post;
VK - 31,000 Subscribers, AV 1600+ Impressions Per Post;
YouTube - 82,000 Subscribers, AV 5,000+ Views Per Episode;

Moni Talks
Telegram - 23,000 Subscribers, AV 3500+ Impressions Per Post;
YouTube - 6,500 Subscribers, AV 1000+ Views Per Episode;

Given the above, I offer my services to the community on the:

  • Develop and execute influencer marketing strategies
  • Build relationships with prominent influencers and thought leaders
  • Develop content ideas and write and curate content


For this, we are requesting the following funding: 10.000 USD

Payout: i16oy.near
Owner: Ivan


Thank you for your proposal. Happy to support!


Your proposal is approved

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Dear @boy.ivan please wait for an agreement on email.

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