[Approved] Marketing offer for two months

hi @ell @alex
Our community in the telegram group has 1500+ people and has been functioning for about a year. We were a free crypto channel. We learned about EVM Aurora, and after conferring with the moderators, we decided to make a narrow direction in the Aurora Ecosystems. In recent weeks, we have continued to grow our community on our channels, as well as hosting several online events. You can see data on the number of users and the time the group has been functioning in the telegram group itself.

  1. Goals and activities
    in the next two months, we want to continue working on telegram and create an aurora twitter page. Our main goal is to motivate our users to believe in the future of AURORA. We want to increase number of transactions and brand awareness in the crypto world
    online events in the telegram channel and on twitter are planned as they are successful and attract new users. WE want to learn more about aurora and educate our users about the benefits in our community, hear criticism and feedback about aurora. We want to explain to them the possibilities of AURORA in Near, ETHereum and other blockchains and how they can help in the development of the ecosystem. And we want to know what we can improve and collect some ideas to be able to develop our community further
    The goal is to introduce EVM AURORA to its users and convince them of a promising future with Near and ETHereum, and reactivate still frustrated users. To start a partnership, we will hold various contests for user activity.
    We want to write several (5-6) articles about the aurora ecosystem in the telegram group and on Twitter. It is considered important to write articles to show the advantages of AURORA over other EVM.
    We believe that in order to grow further we need to reach a wider target group.
    We will follow the steps listed above, but we also plan to hold ama with other crypto channels and influencers to attract new users to AURORA.
  2. Reach
    By the end of June, we expect to reach: 2000 members on telegram chat and 500-600 people on Twitter. Thus will
    active telegrams and Twitter communities
  3. Metrics to measure success
    successful operation until the end of june means:
    active telegram and Twitter group talking about AURORA.
    5-6 articles in telegram and Twitter.
    We will promote internal Aurora projects in crypto communities. telegram is a popular messenger and using the Aurora Tip Bot to reward members would be a good advertisement for the Aurora token and EVM Aurora itself
  4. Costs
  • Telegram (3 managers, $600 per month): $1800
    support our telegram community daily and share the latest news and updates
  • Twitter (1 manager, $600 )
  • Regularly post the latest news and updates on Twitter online events (telegram chat, Twitter): $600
  • Write 5-6 articles about the benefits of aurora for new users: $750.
  • Planning, team meetings, coordination, preparation of articles, preparation of events.
    for chat contests, marketing and invited guests to activate new active aurora wallets $1200

May total cost: $4950. for two months $9900


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Happy to support. Thanks.

Hello @Mikee please update the requested information:

  1. What is the full name of the three managers that will handle the telegram channels? We would like for them to pass KYC too so please send them the link.
  2. Who is going to manage the twitter channel? (If different from these 3 guys)

Hello! Could you please share report? Thanks!