Aurora token list support for $SHITZU

Hello comrades and friends,

I write to you to inquire on how the community is able to get $SHITZU back on the token list for Aurora’s website.

Token Contract: 0x68e401B61eA53889505cc1366710f733A60C2d41

The Telegram community is growing in a nice slow organic way with beautiful interactions and collaborations with other projects. There is also a pretty interactive Twitter account which has been creating awareness about NEAR/Aurora/Octopus while sharing ideas and networking.

I hope you can find the time to provide feedback on the process to get $SHITZU back on that wonderful Token List. Thank you in advance for your time.

-Loyal NEAR/Aurora community member

Telegram: Contact @ShitzuApes


We have been at the forefront of promoting Aurora to the masses. We had been listed before and removed without reason after some unfounded attacks on our community. Our goal is to ensure Aurora is recognized as the best EVM out there.


Aurora has our total community support. We ensure that Aurora is promoted as the best EVM option for NEAR protocol. It’s really good to know the amount of support $SHITZU community is receiving and is thus organically growing in number day by day and many projects are interested in partnering with the community to promote their ideas across the NEAR blockchain and beyond.


it’s a shame to have scam-token on the token list for Aurora’s website for the whole community

it’s a no

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I love open discussions. What’s your definition of a scam token, Kali?


that has no value and basis, sharing false info, lying to its community, they sell this token to people and one day comes when this token is disappeared like it never existed before.
so only that day will show if it’s really a scam. of course, all the thoughts before are the warning

Shitzu obviously has value. It’s being traded on Trisolaris as we speak and the market makes the price. Yes, I’m aware it’s a meme coin, but I get a feeling you don’t understand what memes have become to the crypto space.

You seem to have been hurt in some way. Maybe it happened during some of these major dips in this bear market. False info? Lying? Who are “they” exactly? The contract is immutable and it’s staying on Aurora.

I feel the NEAR/Aurora/Octopus ecosystems have much to benefit from the thriving Shitzu Ape community. The de facto leadership impresses me every week. However, we are in hopes that the Aurora team will reciprocate by showing their support in allowing the token back on the list or pointing us in the correct direction to get started with the process. :green_heart::dog::green_heart::dog::green_heart:


Have you been on twitter fairy…?

Do you follow our activities closely? Things we do and share for the Aurora/Near community.

Dont accuse anyone of their hardwork, DYOR first!


Clearly, based on who endorsed your recent misinformed post, we know where you’re coming from. I am saddened that Aurora has such disdain for our community. These are times for all Aurora communities to be supporting each other as opposed to engaging in petty and malicious attacks.
Unlike this forum, which is centralized, and only certain projects get approval from a few individuals, Shitzu is completely decentralized. We are not an organization per se, just a community that spontaneously formed from the speculative nature inherent to any meme coin. Early on, there was a lot of promotion and tactics associated with any meme coin. But, like all true web 3 projects, we seek to transform ourselves by giving back to this ecosystem. We began the crossword project along with viewership rewards for aurora live. The latter initiative was copied by an aurora community. We were the first to implement rewards for Aurora live attendance months ago. I imagine that you are part of the community that is trying to usurp our crossword efforts on the NEAR forum.

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After creating this thread a few days ago, I’m wondering if it was placed in the appropriate area of the forum. I would like to pick the brains of @johanga , @ell, and/or @Alex_J about the $SHITZU token re-listing from the initial post if either of you two have the time. Your interaction would be greatly appreciated.