Aurora+ Verification request on Brave Browser

Jma_dao is actively contributing and simultaneously building on Aurora.

While we wait paitiently for the approval of our grant request from the council, on our proposed, Jma_dao Aurora Activations , it is only natural never to relent on building and actively contributing.

Brave Browser has presented to the entire blockchain and web3 communities the long awaited solution to the problem of “Liquidity”.

But Of course, it seems to be in disguise.

We have Identified an amazing opportunity to provide consistent, never ending and all-time high engagement of our community members on the Brave Browser, there by generating Liquidity to $Aurora and extra for her community.

Here’s a most current conversation relating to Aurora, on Brave’s community forum

Aurora+ Creator Verification on Brave Browser

When this request is successfully implemented by the help of the Braves, it will open up a tremendous opportunity for our devs and creative community members to explore on-taped potentials and possibilities that has come now, to be in a bearish market environment.

Auroreans can and will easily tip, for a job weldone and for simply any other reasons.

Now, That’s what we call, “Bearish Liquidity”.

Tip on Brave are payable with $BAT

From a Product Design, Methodology and Development perspective; We can hetero develop Passive Investment products that automatically lucks all Tipped BAT in different strategies. This investment products can be used as collateral for low percentage loans across Protocols and chains, which of course can be bridged to Aurora.

For instance, a lucked $100k Pool of 50% BAT and 50% MATIC can be used as a collateral for a loan on the Polygon Network and then bridged to Aurora.

FYI, I learned Product Methodology and development from one of the best in the industry. - @MoonRock

In conclusion, here we have presented before us, a bearish miracle that stairs at Liquidity right in the eyes.

Please do give a well articulated community feedback, let’s discuss it, propose it, develop it, deploy it, and then brag about it :wink: through marketing promotions and Twitter spaces.

Yours ever actively contributing and simultaneously building.


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