[REPORT] Aurora Eastern Europa Guild August 2022

In this thread we will publish our reports about our work.

Let’s start with the most interesting part, the funds that we requested have not been received for this month, but we have done a lot of work.

August 2022

We made new logos+patterns for our Telegram-channels + Twitter.
We started our own linktree for Aurora to make it easier for newcomers to navigate our ecosystem.

Also a report about the work with Influencers will be provided by the community manager Andrew a little later.


Является ли Aurora блокчейном второго уровня (Layer 2)?

Aurora’s blog


16/08 - We launched a cool event with the Moni Team - Battle of the Portfolios with Aurora.
Where guys made portfolios with Aurora’s token, subscribed to our channels, and fought for prizes. This event is a couple of weeks long. Also, some of the Influencers have joined it.

24/08 - Drawing some Aurora tokens for our NFT owners.
These guys, however, passed various quizzes, including those that covered the Aurora ecosystem, and we decided to encourage them in this way.
25/08 - We’ve launched a giveaway for our Twitter followers
29/08 - Vadim participated with Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs on Forklog
We have also launched a small contest for the best questions on this AMA.

31/08 - We launched a contest in our Telegram to celebrate the listing of NEAR and AURORA tokens on Coinbase


We still had Aurora tokens on our balance from the previous grant. But their amount is small.
Plus we haven’t paid anyone’s salary for this work, and I can’t reflect it yet in this month’s report, because this will be next month.

70 AURORA - Drawing Aurora tokens for our NFT owners (7 winners, 10 AURORA for each person)
50 AURORA - Winners for our contest in Twitter

All other expenses are larger than the remaining amount of tokens in our account. They will be reflected in the next report. When we get funding.
Also, at the beginning of the month, we will not be able to pay any of our members for their work because the funds have not yet been received.


Telegram News Channel - 67
Twitter - 41


Telegram News Channel ~ 1031
Telegram Chat ~ 1364
Twitter ~ 788 subs

I would also like to note that the news in our Telegram channel is a full-fledged article and information about projects in our ecosystem.


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