[Report] Community Feedback from Brave Creator Verification Request

Continuing the discussion from Aurora+ Verification request on Brave Browser:

A record breaking response, recorded within a swift timestamp via emails, going back and forth Brave Team and jma_dao.

:e-mail: Communications

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What needs to be immediately sorted by Council Members

Phase 1.

  1. Download a dedicated Brave Browser on a dedicated device on behalf of Aurora.dev.

  2. Connect a dedicated custodial wallet to the Brave wallet using either Uphold or Gemini.

Use this link to get verified as a creator.

Phase 2

There is no need to invent a will. Aurora Devs can introduce a simple mini command bot, web3 compatible, that will automatically (transfer BAT from our dedicated verified creator wallet account to our dedicated Aurora+, for the sole purpose of staking, and creating Liquidity, all instances and strategies are consistently repeated by the bot.)

Phases 3

Marking strategies and promotions to enable our community members and new joiners interact and connect their Aurora+ to the Brave wallet while using the Brave Browser.

Advantage to Aurora.dev

  1. A secured Browser environment with high level of privacy for our community members to practice and play with our network.

  2. A decentralized Browser environment to showcase our community contents as a verified Creator to the general public.

  3. LIQUIDITY. Free $BAT tips at our disposal to do whatever the community approves.

  4. Let’s just make four the opportunity for an AIP. I forsee aurora.devs creatively deploying AIPs.

Disclaimer: I would have completed phase 1 if only Uphold and Gemini custodial wallet has no regional restrictions.

A Constructive Community Feedback would make me a beautiful morning.