[Closed] Aurora China Guild Budget [September 2022]

Hi Aurora family, @ell and @Alex_J,

I would like make a proposal regarding the budget of Aurora China Guild in September 2022.

The previous approved proposal in August as follows:
[Approved] Chinese version of Twitter, Telegram, Medium, announcements and documents - Aurora Community - Aurora

Guild, community, project name
Aurora China Guild

Region, country
China, Asia

Links on social media


Funding scheme:

Proposal summary
Aurora China Guild had a good start in August. We not only launched the Aurora China Guild and successfully attracted many Chinese community members to follow Aurora Chinese twitter account and join Chinese telegram channel.

The report of August performance is below:
[Report] Aurora China Guild Monthly Report [August] - Aurora Community - Aurora

We would like to continue the momentum and bring more Chinese users to Aurora family and provide support to them to overcome the language barrier and get to know Aurora. We aim to achieve the target of 500 to 800 Twitter followers and 200 to 300 Telegram users.

In this case, we will focus on the localization and community member service as well as the promotion of Aurora ecosystem including quiz, competitions and raffles.

Funding Details
For the budget of the service, I propose as below:

  • USD $1,500 per month for maintaining Twitter, Telegram, Medium and ongoing translating all the upcoming articles and documents from Aurora.

  • USD $200 per month for moderation of Telegram and Twitter

  • USD $300 per month for Medium articles * 4 about Aurora ecosystem

  • USD $200 per month for the prize of competitions and raffles

Total: $2,200 for September

Near Wallet ID:


Hi @Alex_J and @ell ,

For your information, this proposal was submitted at the beginning of September and used to be the budget for September and October of Aurora China Guild.

As Near Chinese community and Aurora China Guild will join forces from October, I modified this proposal to be the budget for September only.

During September, we have been focused on the localization, Aurora updates on NEARCON and the education to Chinese community regarding the effects of the merge to Aurora.

It is a productive month for Aurora China Guild and we hope it also paves the way for the success of the new Aurora Chinese community.

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Hello! Thank you very much for the proposal. As I know, you made the decision to continue to work with Murphy, and we have approved his proposal here. [Approved] New Aurora Chinese Community November

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Hi @ell ,

Thank you very much for your message.

This proposal is for the budget of September that I made efforts to grow Aurora Chinese community. And it is not included in Murphy’s proposal [Approved] New Aurora Chinese Community November - Aurora Community - Aurora . Therefore, I will not get funding for September from his proposal.

With all due respect, it is acceptable to contribute to Aurora Chinese community for free, but I think my proposal of September should be viewed separately from Murphy’s proposal, because his proposal is about the New Auora Chinese community and from October.

Oh, sorry about it. We definitely must include your rewards in the next proposal.

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Thank you very much. I will ask Murphy to include my September funding in the next proposal of Aurora Chinese community. Have a lovely day.

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