[Closed] Guerrilla Crowd Marketing

Promotion of Aurora on Twitter and carts, I am gathering an army of people and start making noise in social networks, we set up the account correctly, we put Aurora avatars + we need a mememaker (designer) who will create memes for posting + we need a scout who will look for profiles for activities

Many people spend time on social media, I suggest people put aurora avatars
what will promote native marketing


100$ meme design + it is possible to create infographics
100$ scout, search and analytics of social channels

I will organize a competition among active people and give out a small reward

My profit from secondary tokens will be raffled among active people once a month.


follow the guidance to structure the text into the proposal


I appreciate the enthusiasm. This kind of proposals is very hard to assess unless you also share links to the accounts and the type of content they are producing.

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