[IDEA] AURORA — Growing strong

The Plan how to develop an Aurora Guild:


Growth of Auditory

  • AMA sessions with exchanges (in Telegram chats and Twitter Spaces): Huobi, Gate.io, KuCoin, MEXC and etc.
    ** Among the necessary actions from participants:
    — subscribing to social networks (Telegram, Twitter).
    — do not forget to conduct collaborative competitions with exchanges after the AMA (it can be a collaborative subscription to social networks with giveaways).
  • Collaborations with crypto news channels and AMA with crypto/web3 communities (popular KOLs).
  • Collaborative contests with other communities

Engagement in Aurora’s infrastructure and social media

  • Providing high-quality articles about projects based on Aurora. Systematization, structuring of available information, translations.
  • Adding related information about projects in AMA sessions. What users can do with tokens in the future. Using tokens in various projects.
  • Collect feedback from users about events.
  • Incentives for users who help newcomers get acclimated to the Aurora’s world (TipBot).
  • Visit IRL web3-events as a guest/listener - to explore the community, to see and study who’s doing what, how speakers interact with the audience, and all. Then after analyzing and community discussions, you will be able to propose something that is not there yet, any new way of promotion, some creative activity or so; then during the event as an attendant, you’ll have enough time there to talk to other projects that will be the same attendants as you are, with them some collaborations could be possible to create, ama to each other or anything else.

Interest retention

  • Publish all important news in your social networks from the Community news stream channel
    Some people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, not all the users will read your articles on other resources. So turn your social network into a small source of information.

  • Try to pick out the most important points from a large article and tell your users about it.

  • Infographics, your own cool pictures are welcome.

  • Telegram/Twitter/Youtube contests (As an example, a contest for the best videos to help people learn about Aurora+)

  • Incentivize the creators of useful content about Aurora (Tips, DAO) by posting it on your Aurora social networks.

  • Running AMA sessions in the community with Aurora ecosystem projects // on an agreed-upon script with questions from users

Some parting words

  • don’t be afraid of experimenting and choosing new stages of attracting users to the ecosystem
  • maintain relationships with Influencers and large cryptocurrency/web3 channels you have already worked with, and periodically write to them about the cool news of the Aurora ecosystem.
  • don’t forget to report your guild results on time, according to the form provided (here the link would be amazing).
    Your reports are the result of your work and they should be transparent and clear to anyone in the community.
    Write down your expenses in detail, it will help counsuls to understand that funds have been spent properly.

Hi @Vladislav_vl25 is this just an idea or it is coming officially from Aurora? If its your idea, please add [IDEA] tag to the tittle, otherwise please make it clear that this is a rule from Aurora so we follow the guidelines.
Many thanks!

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Hello, np.
We (I and the guys from the community) collected the most working experience and transformed it into this version.

I hope that this guidance will help the guild find new ways to develop their own guilds.

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Excellent @Vladislav_vl25 i see you added the IDEA tag, that makes easier for everyone to understand…
many thanks for your guidance I’m sure it will be really helpful.
Keep building!

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Thank you for your participation as well.
I hope that our whole community will add their valuable experience so that we can develop more organically. :wink:

In relation to the statement made, community building and engagement comes in phases

  1. Building a Community from you already established environment and human connections available in your vicinity then educate them and show them reason for the community formation through AMAs, giveaways and relaying important information in diverse ways this is very helpful as the community can bring in people with similar minds this is what we at AURORA NIGERIA focused on in September

  2. Building the Community from collaborations with local communities at the same time exposing the communities with projects from Aurora, this should be tje focus after a baseline community is formed with active members as this adds to community growth and exposure and at the point core members of the community should be exposed to local and global events happening and try participating in it

  3. Third stage sees a drastic trust within the community, active uses of Aurora Dapps then plans for physical meetups.

The whole idea should be in phases to ensure successful community growth and marketing


Thank you for the helpful information! I think each regional community can use the post as a plan.


Thank you for this useful guidance. We will keep it in mind while we build our community and make it grow :slightly_smiling_face:


grateful to Aurora for the opportunity to build web3-community being surrounded by smart, honest and active team-members :green_heart:
it’s an amazing process of contribution and gathering ideas in 1 material that can be presented for the community and discussed within it.

** please, feel free to give any feedback , especially when some of provided instruments doesn’t work.
** please, don’t be shy to share your results, even if it’s just a noticing of some tendency, it could give us the data to analyze and make corrections.
** please, do collaborate to each other - this is our strong benefit as a web3-community - let’s grow Aurora ecosystem :rocket:


@Vladislav_vl25 @damboy22 a great description how to create and work with communities! :star_struck:


Hello hello Aurora Community!

thank you for pointing out these and other hacks which are crucial for a sustainable growth. Hosting/representing our community in other Cex, Local communities are important.

I also would like to contribute to this thread by leaving links to community marketing/engagement events which we have conducted on Near Official telegram, discord reddit and Community Twitter.
here is breakdown of all events we carried out in q1-q2

and here is a report (which also include many sub links) to how we conducted and reported them to give some idea about how to get the best out of these events and even improve them


Hello Aurora mates!

We have some ideas for growth as below in our report:

Would like to reshare again for your reference:

Thanks to the support and engagement of the local & global community, we have achieved all the targets successfully, from 200% to 500% with some key highlights as below:

  1. Twitter: our unique selling is delivering the Expertise - Practical - Objective content in the local language and English as well.
  • Conduct a project review articles prior to the AMA event in VN/ EN language, and an AMA recap afterward.
  • Deliver a holistic view of the whole NEAR ecosystem but focusing on Aurora’s latest news.
  1. Telegram moderation:
  • Deliver degens news to the community for testing the product with incentive.
  • Defi news: FED inflation rate, ETH The Merge, Aurora… weekly to increase engagements
  • Raise from 0 to 336 members in 1 month
  1. Medium:
  • Deliver news with Dev point of view but easy to understand (ie Aurora after the merge, rainbow bridge attack…)
  1. Online events:
  • 4 AMAs have been hosted both in local or English for Pawn Protocol/ Trisolaris/ Pembrock/ Metapool
  • Weekly activities to increase members, and interaction.
  1. Dev Solidity community building
  • Host 4 online events for Devs for the below topic:
  1. How do rainbow bridges work
  2. Aurora EVM, Solidity smart contract
  3. Near smart contract, compare disadvantages and advantages between the smart contract of NEAR and Solidity
  • Recruiting devs who honestly and extremely want to learn and research blockchain and crypto.

Thanks for reading! I hope our report will give you some inspiration after reading it!


feel to put here as well the info and documents
to help grow your Guild and the whole Aurora Ecosystem

  • please use this combo Sheet + Channel
    – to not making mistakes and to keep yourself updated about dapps and projects on Aurora

Please use it to know updated status of each project
also there’re social media contacts of projects that you can use for connection to them.

  • Every Saturday - is the last day i accept info from all the Guilds about your activities plan for the next week (AMA, streams, workshops, etc.) in order to include it to AURORA Community Weekly Activities Recap

please, provide the info in format:
– date. time
– name (for ex.Thursday Trivia or Aurora news stream in Spanish/Portuguese)
– link (better to create the link to twitter space that allows users to set a reminder)

thanks !!


Thanks @Vladislav_vl25 for it
I want to use these ideas to grow the community in Italy channels.