Introduction & Open Call for AURORA Turkish Community

Hello, everyone.

I hereby announce 'Aurora Turkiye Community

I am Nihat. I live in Istanbul.
I graduated from the Faculty of Education and also 2 years in Computer Science.
I have certificates in human psychology and pedagogy, and a coaching certificate as well.
I have taught for 12 years, but in recent years I have been a translator and also follow the crypto world closely.

I first encountered the FX market in 2016 and Crypto in 2020.

this is a call to all Members who are looking forward to contribute to Turkish Community and the AURORA Ecosystem.

  • Developers
  • Community Builders
  • Entrepreneurs

and others.
you are invited!

I will guide and fully support all enthusiast Turkish contributors to organize and make sure we deliver the following.

  • telegram support group with competent mods
  • deliver high quality authentic content for:
  • the Protocol Basics
  • the Ecosystem and all it’s components
  • Educational Material and Infographics
  • set up and run an AURORA Turkish Twitter/Instagram Channel where each new update/news being posted daily
  • set up and run a channel that produces quality Infographics which contain network stats, interesting researches about the ecosystem and constantly update it. (like Near Daily)
  • run creative channel events/contests in which community learn and enjoy.
  • keep in touch with the top Turkish influencers/communities and coordinate price-performance efficient marketing.
  • help distribute allocated funds to “AURORA Turkiye” in most fair way possible (by doing enough field research and sharing them with the community)
  • start talks with other large Turkish crypto communities and organize events together, run twitter spaces weekly or bi-weekly
  • organize AURORA Meets, Seminars, online/live workshops, bootcamps and hackatons
  • brainstorm together for organic growth hacking strategies all other innovative start ups!

We will let everyone come up with promotion offers and job appeals and compete for the good of AURORA Turkish Community and we need it!

Anything I proposed above is not final, can be changed. So feel free to propose, come up with better ideas.
Do you want to contribute to AURORA Turkiye Community?
Now, please introduce yourself tell us about your: age, city, profession, crypto background and your experience about AURORA.

Also please talk about your skills. How can you best contribute to the Community?

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: Let the AURORA thrive alongside the Turkish community! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Hellooo :wave:
My name is Okan, I was born and grew up in Kocaeli, which is a neighbor of Istanbul.I’m 36 years old.
I spent the last 15 years on ships because of my profession as a captain.

About 2 and half years ago, I first met crypto to evaluate my investments. But when I got into it, I saw that there is no limit to learning, and I decided that I should train myself in the last 1 year.

Since April, I have been working as a manager, social media assistant and article content creation in the Near Turkey decentralized community.

Before the Aurora communities started, we already provided articles about Aurora, support for community questions and issues, and support from the start of Aurora+ to this day.

We will accelerate our work by adding more and more dedication to the promotion of the Aurora ecosystem, sharing global content in Turkish and benefiting the community.

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful community.
I’m waiting Aurora and Near lovers to my account;

Happy, healthy and blessed days everyone :pray:


Hello, I’m Emre. :honeybee:

I live in Ankara. I am 36 years old. I am the father of 1 boy. I am a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations.

In a private institution; I was the regional manager. On the field; I was coordinating between the factory and the stores with approximately 450 personnel. I have expertise in human relations (HR), perception management, NLP coaching, international sales and marketing expertise (and more).

I met crypto in 2019 and my excitement on the first day still continues. I quit my job and have been living with crypto for 3 years. I know the dynamics of the market and I am still improving myself by adding to it. I have always loved communicating with people. And a product that I believe in and trust; I aim to introduce/introduce in the most accurate way, at the right time, in the right place. I got to know Aurora through the #NEAR project. Its usability and technology caught my attention. We have a long way to go and I would love to see myself among you.

Related to the project ;

  • Basic and technical support
  • Moderation
  • Social Media
  • Community Manager

I can’t wait to work together. (Hope)
Together lets #BUIDL

Kind regards;


Hello everyone,
I’m Remzi Emre Kahveci.
I’m 22 years old.
I am a 4rd year computer engineering student.
I’m from greece, but I live in Istanbul. (Turkey’s most popular city) I study in Yalova.

I met Cypto in 2018. When we stayed at home for 1.5 years due to covid. During this time, I did crypto research.
I’ve been dealing with Near Ecosystem since December 2021.
I have been working in the Turkey student branch of IEEE, the world’s largest engineering institute, for 4 years. During this process, I meeted countless engineer friends.
I have a very strong Network. I have access to about +10000 university students.
I have very good communication with regional clubs.
I can do events wherever you want. I support not only in Turkey but also globally.

Also, I’m thinking of establishing a blockchain student club in Yalova on October. In this way, I think it will be a good project to promote the Near and Aurora ecosystem.

What can I do?
event organization.
Preparing the directory of projects in the Aurora ecosystem.
Conveying information to newcomers to the Aurora ecosystem.
I can introduce Aurora to young engineers. Especially for young developer candidates



Hello Aurora community!

I’m Taha
I’m 24 years old
I graduated from International Relations and I’m going to apply masters degree soon

I met with Crypto during my bachelors degree. It was 3 years ago and i’ve read everything about crypto(still reading) because i believe knowledge is power. I wish i got into crypto world before the pandemic because of that im little bit angry to me and still cant forgive myself :slight_smile: at the same time im super bullish to what will happen in NEAR future and how the crypto will change our lives more

I attended to testnet campaigns almost all of chains and i learnt so many things while discovering the crypto ecosystem. I’m trying to keep up this work because if you are in crypto you must do that. There is no other option.

How did I meet with Aurora? When I started to read Near articles, I realized Aurora makes Near more accessible and you can onboard eth devs easily. It is fascinating work. I hope our and other guilds’ initiatives will bring more value to Aurora

During the near journey, me and my team gained so much valuable experience and i hope Aurora will bring amazing experience too.

Right now im in charge of youtube videos. If you have a feedback about the videos please dm me, text me, mail me.
I need it because i would like to improve myself. Feedback is the most valuable thing for improving yourself.
Again, I would like to thank them @CryptoBlckhntr @OkanCaptain @REK Keep up the amazing work!

BUILD ON AURORA :metal: :metal:


Hello Hello everyone!
this is Yunus aka Raptor :sunglasses:
I’ve been contributing to help grow a sustainable healthy and friendly Near Community for over a year now. I’m around to contribute and help go to moon and beyond together with Aurora Ecosystem too :muscle:
I’m a Turkish Influencer, Community Leader, Project Manager and Community Manager specialized in Web3