[Approved] AURORA Turkey August / September 2022

Hi @ell @Alex_J

I am Sezer, living in Austria, speaking Turkish, German and English. I am representing NEAR to the Turkish and German speaking area. NEAR MarketingDAO Team members have invited me to the Aurora Forum and let me know of the Aurora Community grants program.

Introduction, Shortly about who we are and what we are doing:
Since March 2021 we are representing NEAR to Turkey. We are a team of over 10 members (Developer, Editor, Moderator, Youtuber, Graphic designer, …) and aiming to help people understand, get ideas and examine mechanics to successfully present the original coverage and latest news about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the turkish speaking area. It’s obvious that there is a high potential in the Turkish -speaking area for dealing with cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto enthusiasts, developers and investors.

Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey
Furthermore our main objectives are as follow:

FUNDING SCHEME: two months: August & September 2022


What problem is the proposal solving?
Currently there is no turkish Aurora community on Telegram / Twitter. If an user asks a question about Aurora we have to redirect them to the official Aurora Telegram group or try to answer their questions ourself. Redirecting them to the english group is not a good option as not everyone is speaking english, another thing is also that we are currently not sharing all information / news about Aurora in the NEAR Turkish group and there is less content about Aurora.
A Turkish Aurora Twitter account is currently not existing and also less or no turkish articles are shared about AURORA.

How is the problem being solved?


Near Turkey June
Near Twitter June

Expected impact / metrics in the next two months

  • 1000 Turkish members in the Aurora Turkish group
  • 300 followers on Twitter
  • Support in Turkish language
  • Latest news are shared in time
  • Articles and content about Aurora in turkish language

Funding details:
Continuesly share about Aurora in all social media accounts +
3 Telegram moderators (daily support): 1800$ Total for two months
1 Twitter Aurora owner (share latest news): 600$ Total for two months
1 Analyst / Influencer Contact: 600$ Total for two months
6 Articles on our website (mentioned above): 900$ Total for two months
Banner: 300$ Total for two months
Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management: 600$ total for two months
Aurora Twitter and Telegram contest: 300$ Total for two months
1 AMA with Kriptotutkunlari (mentioned above): 850$ (rewards included)

Total amount requested for August & September: 5950$

NEAR Wallet ID: cizi31.near

I would appreciate if we can schedule a call in the next days to know us each other better :slight_smile:
Thank you for your support!


Thank you for your proposal! Happy to support.


Proposal is approved