[Approved] Aurora Türkiye February / March / April 2023

Hi everyone,

I am sending a new proposal for the next three months February / March / April 2023. The proposal relates to the Turkish Aurora community which we have been supporting for 6 months already.

Country: Türkiye

Guild / Community Name: Aurora Türkiye Cizi Guild

Funding scheme: 3 months

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Türkiye December / January 2023

Previous Reports:

Introduction, Shortly about who we are and what we are doing:
Since March 2021 we are representing NEAR to Turkey and in August 2022 we started to represent Aurora to Turkey. We are a team of over 10+ members
Guild Team Leaders: TG Cizi31 TG Mir_Yildiz
Mod: TG Max_Redzone TG lusttforcrypto TG crypto_ramo
Editor / Content Creator: TG MRTGNR1903
Trader / Twitter influencer contact: TG cikobtc1 TG Miir_coin
Youtube TG xayer55
and aiming to help people understand, get ideas and examine mechanics to successfully present the original coverage and latest news about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the turkish speaking area.

Link to the social media accounts / KPIs / Metrics:


Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey and heighten awareness of the AURORA ecosystem in the Turkish-speaking area. This includes:

  • Daily Support on Telegram
  • Follow Aurora Community Core channel and publish news on Telegram
  • Share News on Twitter
  • Create Articles on Medium and on a turkish News Portal CoinNET
  • Create 1 Youtube video per week regarding Weekly and Aurora ecosystem updates
  • Events on Twitter, Telegram and Youtube
    • weekly contests on Telegram (most active user, Aurora+ sign up, Quiz, AMA)
    • weekly Voice chat, Twitter space (Topic: Aurora ecosystem updates, blockchain technology)
    • like rt Aurora+ sign up giveaway on Twitter
    • Follow like contests on Youtube
  • Monthly AMAs with Polygon / Avalanche communities and top dApps on Polygon and Avalanche
  • Aurora ecosystem projects collaboration (Support other projects by publishing news on Telegram on Twitter)
  • Invite users from NEAR to AURORA by sharing the group link
  • Continuously get in contact with influencers (KOLs) and share about AURORA in different turkish community groups
  • Get more Aurora+ SignUps
    → Share a banner on the news portal and redirect users to Aurora+
    → Share Aurora+ RefLink in different turkish community channels

Expected impact / metrics in the next three months

  • 8000-10000+ total users in the Aurora turkish telegram group (currently 4000)
  • 4000+ Followers on Twitter (currently 2000)
  • 1000+ Abonnements on Youtube (currently 250)
  • Active Aurora Türkiye Telegram group, support / answer all questions, share news and announcements in time
  • Active Aurora Türkiye Twitter account, latest news, contests
  • High qualitiy articles and content creation
  • Events and collaboration with other communities / projects
  • Aurora ecosystem updates on Youtube

Funding details

monthly payment

  • 4 Telegram and Discord moderators (daily support, publish news 7days / week)
    → 300$ * 4 = 1200$

  • 1 Twitter Aurora owner (share latest news, get more impression / followers)
    → 300$

  • Youtube Videos (Weekly Updates, explanational videos)
    → 500$

  • Events on Twitter and Telegram, for prizes and giveaways
    → 400$

  • Articles and content creation + banner (10 articles per month) + weekly Aurora ecosystem updates on the news portal mentioned above
    → 600$

  • Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management:
    → 500$

Subtotal: 3500$ / month

3500 * 3 = 10500$

Total: 10500$

NEAR WalletID: cizi31.near
Telegram Handle: Telegram: Contact @cizi31
Email: sezercoinnet@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! :sparkles:

@ell @Alex_J


We are able to approve $3500 * 3 = $10500

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Hi @Alex_J
Thank you for your approval.

Tagging @ell for review.

Thanks! Please wait for an agreement on email.

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