[Introduction] September proposal for WoodenMantra.NFT (Traditional art as Physical NFT with POA)


The project is a fusion of traditional woodworking and blockchain to create Physical NFTs with real-world utilities and helps preserve culture and heritage. We have rebranded ourselves as WoodenMantra to present ourselves to the global audience.

When it comes to the realm of NFTs, most of the projects are based on digital art or other forms of digital content backed up by a utility. At WoodenMantra are trying to present the NFT world with handcrafted physical NFTs such as home decors, artifacts, interior services, idols, Sculptures, and Handcrafted furniture using premium quality wood like Burmese teak, Rosewood, sandalwood, and other premium quality wood as Physical NFTs that can be used in the real world even by people who are not familiar with NFT’s.

Using premium quality wood helps the artifact last for centuries. Unlike digital NFTs, Wooden Mantra NFTs can be touched, felt, and used in our daily lives in other words it is what I would like to call a common man’s NFT.


  1. The process of converting an artifact into a physical NFT involves using resin and alcohol Ink to create unique patterns on the artifact. Hence these patterns are unique and cannot be replicated, minting them on the blockchain can help us to create proof of authenticity, trace their origins and get details about the artisans.

  1. Creating certificates signed by the artist as NFTs and transferring ownership upon purchase of a physical artifact.

Project links :

Please refer to the picture attached or click the link here to find details about the artifacts we make:


The team consists of 6 people who are permanent and we hire other craftsmen from time to time according to the project that needs more human hours.

Raj Lenin :

Founder and coordinator of WoodenMantra.NFT, blockchain enthusiast, NFT maker, and a present generation blueprint maker for the craft.

Gouthaman Raaj:

Consultant and coordinator at WoodenMantra,

K.R.Srinivasan :

Head of designs and master craftsmen with 38 plus years of experience in authentic Chettinad crafts, handmade furniture, idols, sculptures, Interior design, etc

Srinivasan :

Artesian and specialist in patterns, idols, and sculptures, 20 years of experience

Arumugam :

He is an Artesian specializing in patterns and idols with 20 years of experience.

Kannan :

He is a carpenter with 25 years of experience in basic, intermediate, and advanced carpentry related to artifact making.

Other helpers:

We also hire other craftsmen for our projects as sometimes we need helping hands to create larger artifacts or to finish up a project that requires more human hours as these are handcrafted. Though their style of woodworking is different from ours we guide them in creating authentic artifacts.


WoodenMantra was formerly known as Vaganapattarai(vagana in Tamil means vehicles,pattarai means workshop we make vehicles for gods). The craft has been passed down from one generation to another and we (WoodenMantra) have stood the tests of time and have survived for more than 2 centuries, we were also a part of the Royal court of Pudhukottai(a kingdom in South India and it is no longer there ) and have worked across all the major temples across South India and are a clan of master craftsmen who have dedicated their time towards perfecting the craftsmanship and making premium artifacts. The style we practice is almost extinct and it can be called the mother of other woodworking styles found across south India.

Overview and solutions:

WoodenMantra.NFT aims to evolve into a dao that helps revive these lost art forms, and create direct job opportunities for these artisans by eradicating 3rd party involvement and presenting them with a global platform (Fair market) to showcase their craftsmanship using web3 and blockchain. The artifacts created by these artisans are already nonfungible in a way, it has their own collectors/retail market, by making it easy for the collector and the artesian to get in touch through web3 we can preserve culture, heritage, and revival of such art forms and stabilize these artists economically.

As a community, we also want to create awareness among the retailers and collectors about real things as NFT(Physical NFT). There are a lot of projects based on online games, rewards, and other utilities, but we also need Utilities that can be used by a common man and something easy for him to understand. The community will help people understand that NFTs can also be based upon things that they can use in their daily life eg: Handmade Furniture, collectibles such as figurines, sculptures, and services like interior design and home decor.

(Please be aware that most of them never had any scope of education as they had spent most of the time mastering the craft)

WoodenMantra as a DAO will create portfolios for these craftsmen based on their artistic skill levels and provide a global platform for these handcrafted which was not available before the dawn of blockchain.

The resin and alcohol technique can be used by native American woodworkers, aboriginal woodworkers, and traditional woodworkers of Europe, Asia, etc to keep their craft alive, preserve their culture and heritage, and pass it on to the next generation.

Lenin Rajaram

Clan Wooden Mantra

Email Woodenmantra@gmail.com

www.woodenmantra.com / www.woodenmantra.nft



Instagram: @wooden.mamtra

Twitter : #wooden_mantra

Telegram /WhatsApp : +917824832311


Interesting and beautiful.
On which marketplace can we look on it in the nft design?


Thank you so much. Please check out my Linktree for open-sea, I’ve listed a Teak wall panel on it, or check out the following link.





Highly recomend to use NFT marketplaces on Aurora Ecosystem
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Thanks for the recomending. Created a profile successfully.

Hey Raj,

Let’s connect and explore the opportunities Aurora NFT Ecosystem can provide to this beautiful initiative via our @AuroraNFT Club

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Hi Naveen, Thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it. Looking forward to connecting soon.

Lenin Rajaram
Clan Wooden Mantra


Mate don’t contact with him he is a scammer.
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Hi, Can you please be more specific, who are you talking about.

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