[Proposal] Aurora Integration on Scamfari Support

Aurora Integration on Scamfari Activation

Scamfari is a crowd-sourcing platform that rewards users for reporting instances of bad actors, phishing websites, and potential terrorist financing.

Scamfari operates as a fully Web3-based security solution. This means that all submitted information is:

  • Provided privately
  • Stored securely
  • Easily accessible

Users can connect their non-custodial wallet (Aurora Pass) to Scamfari and report incidents by signing a transaction. This leads to increased on-chain activity on the native blockchain, provides a straightforward way for reporting malicious activities, and creates a publicly accessible database for the entire DeFi community while incentivizing user participation.

We are in the final stages of completing technical preparations and are set to announce our Partnership-Integration campaign soon. This campaign will include:
– a pre-launch announcement of the upcoming Integration and Partnership
– an official Launch announcement
– ‘Scam Busters’ community engagement contest (duration: 7 days)
– Twitter space event featuring Scamfari with Aurora’s core teams
– Launch of the SCM/AURORA liquidity pool

To ensure the successful launch of the Aurora & Scamfari partnership campaign, we kindly request:
– 2000 USD for creation a liquidity pull SCM/Aurora
– 1000 USD for rewards for user reports
In total: 3000 USD in Aurora tokens.

Rewards will be distributed in SCM tokens. A liquidity pool for SCM/Aurora will be created on Ref.Finance/Trisolaris, allowing participants who receive SCM rewards to exchange them for Aurora tokens.

This will enable our partnership to attract and drive around 1000 users who will generate more than 40,000 transactions on the Aurora network. Moreover, it will significantly contribute to Aurora’s role in enhancing ecosystem security.

By the end of November, we are committed to providing a detailed report with on-chain metrics, showcasing the number of users and transactions onboarded to further bolster activity within the Aurora network
Grant Period: 01.11.2023-30.11.2023
Grantee’s Wallet: 0x7A224fef1826020130d4891DBB34bFF0d8914a99 (Aurora network)

Email: i.am.hapi@hapi.one

Hello. We are happy to approve it.

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Initial post has been updated with this additional information

Update to the initial proposal.
Since Scamfari is integrating Borealis Business tool to provide gas-free tx for the participants and admins of the ‘Scam Busters’ engagement contest it was discussed and agreed that the allocated amount will be used as described in the updated version of the proposal.
Happy to approve.

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Report [REPORT] Aurora Integration on Scamfari Support