[REPORT] Aurora Integration on Scamfari Support

Reporting Period: November 27 - December 19
Initial Proposal [Proposal] Aurora Integration on Scamfari Support - #7 by Egor


The launch of the platform was postponed due to preparatory integration work. During the specified reporting period, the Scamfari platform was successfully launched in the Aurora network. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the key activities, outcomes, and challenges encountered during the launch phase.

*Total Number of Fraudulent Address Reports: 26,145

Total Number of Hunters: 65

To track statistics in real time, you need to visit https://scamfari.com/ and connect your wallet in the Aurora network

Key Activities

Pre-Launch Announcement of the Upcoming Integration and Partnership

Date: Before the launch (23.11.2023)

Objective: To generate audience interest.

Action: A teaser announcement was made via our official channels.

Reference: Pre-Launch Teaser Announcement

Official Launch Announcement

Date: November 27

Objective: To officially announce the integration and guide users on the platform usage.

Action: Detailed features of the integration and a user guide were released.

Reference: Official Launch Announcement

‘Scam Busters’ Community Engagement Contest

Duration: 7 days

Objective: To engage the community in a meaningful way and incentivize participation.

Action: Launch of a contest with a prize pool of $1,000 nominated in SCM tokens

Result: received 20526 reports

Reference: Scam Busters Contest

Twitter Space Event with Aurora’s Core Teams

Planned Activity: An interactive event on Twitter Spaces.

Status: The event was not conducted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Launch of the SCM/AURORA Liquidity Pool

Action: Implementation of the SCM/AURORA liquidity pool on the Trisolaris exchange.

Transaction id: Aurora transaction 0x5dc04d8c86531a5a12c31575e943d779e39bed866839313be3dcb407debe4f23 | Blockscout

Objective: A total of $3000 in tokens $AURORA and $SCM was put into the pool. Of which $1000 in $SCM tokens will be used to distribute rewards for the winners of the “Scam Busters” contest. Creating a liquidity pool on Trisolaris allowed users who receive rewards in SCM tokens to trade within the Aurora ecosystem.

Result: Expansion of trading options for users.

Reference: Liquidity Pool Launch

Additional Initiatives

Borealis Business Solution Implementation: Provision of free transactions to users, which contributed significantly to the increase in report submissions.

Reference: Borealis Business Solution

Conclusions and Challenges

Success: The launch period saw over 26,000 reports, indicating a high level of user engagement and platform utility. This achievement showcases the platform’s relevance and effectiveness in addressing the issue of fraudulent activities in the Aurora network.

Efficiency and Team Involvement: Notably, the teams involved demonstrated exceptional operational efficiency and were deeply engaged in discussions and the execution of plans. This proactive and collaborative approach significantly contributed to the smooth execution of the launch activities, despite the challenges encountered.

Ranking: The platform consistently maintained its position in the top 10 dApps by transaction count in the Aurora network, as per DappRadar, reflecting its popularity and widespread adoption.

Challenges: While the launch was largely successful, there were communication issues between teams, which resulted in insufficient media coverage and the non-conduction of a planned event. These challenges have provided valuable insights for future improvements.