[PROPOSAL] ZenoScape: An open metaverse and gaming ecosystem on aurora blockchain


Welcome to the extraordinary world of ZenoScape, an open metaverse and gaming platform on the Aurora blockchain that is set to redefine the way we experience digital realms. Prepare to be captivated as you step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds and endless possibilities await. Inspired by pioneers in the metaverse space, ZenoScape pushes the boundaries of innovation and accessibility to new heights.

Experience the magic of ZenoScape through:

- Lightweight and Functional Design : ZenoScape is thoughtfully designed to be lightweight, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience even on your mobile browser. No more barriers or limitations to exploring and creating on the go.

- Secure Ownership on the Aurora Blockchain : Powered by the cutting-edge Aurora blockchain through NFTs, ZenoScape offers secure ownership of your digital assets. Every creation, interaction, and transaction are recorded on the blockchain, providing transparency and trust.

- Unlimited Creative Expression : Unleash your imagination in a virtual universe where you can shape and mold your own digital landscapes. ZenoScape grants you the freedom to create stunning environments limited only by your creativity, and customize your own personal lands.

- Thriving Community : Join a vibrant and passionate community of artists, gamers, developers, and adventurers from around the world. Collaborate, connect, and be inspired by like-minded individuals who share your love for the metaverse.

- Seamless Mobile Experience: Experience the full metaverse on your mobile browser without compromising functionality. ZenoScape enables you to explore, create, and connect wherever you are, empowering you to shape your virtual destiny on the go.

- Endless Possibilities : Whether you are an artist looking to showcase your creations, a gamer seeking thrilling adventures, or an entrepreneur building a digital business, ZenoScape offers a platform where your dreams can become a reality.


ZenoScape is powered by a carefully curated selection of lightweight and powerful technologies, ensuring a seamless and immersive metaverse experience. Our team harnesses the capabilities of Three.js, React, Firebase, Solidity, cloud services, IPFS, and more, to provide a platform that is both performant and accessible.

Key technologies we utilize include:

- 3 js: Leveraging the power of this popular JavaScript library, we create stunning and interactive 3D graphics for a visually captivating metaverse.

- Typescript: With React/Typescript, we build a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience, making navigation and interaction intuitive.

- Firebase: We utilize Firebase for efficient real-time data synchronization, authentication, and hosting, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

- Solidity: This programming language is employed to develop smart contracts on the Aurora blockchain, ensuring secure ownership and transparent transactions.

- Cloud Services: By leveraging cloud infrastructure, we provide reliable and scalable services, enabling a seamless metaverse experience for users.

- IPFS: The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) allows for decentralized and distributed file storage, ensuring the availability and integrity of user-generated content.

When it comes to environment creation, we provide a rich set of tools and software that enable users to design and shape their own digital landscapes. We employ industry-leading software such as Blender and Unreal Engine, allowing for limitless creativity and originality. Our commitment to original creations ensures that users can express themselves freely, without any copyright concerns.

In addition to individual expression , ZenoScape empowers community hubs to host various events within the metaverse. From casual meetups to product launches, these hubs serve as vibrant gathering places, fostering collaboration and connection among like-minded individuals. We provide the necessary infrastructure and support to facilitate these metaverse events, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

At ZenoScape, we believe in pushing the boundaries of the metaverse experience. Join us as we redefine what is possible in the virtual realm, creating a future where imagination knows no bounds. Discover a platform that combines lightweight technology, original creations, and thriving community hubs, opening a world of limitless potential and opportunities for all.

Empowering the Aurora Blockchain: Unleashing the Native Metaverse/Gaming Potential:

Harnessing the power of the Aurora blockchain, ZenoScape, our native metaverse and gaming project, brings forth a multitude of benefits that enrich the entire ecosystem. With a vision to revolutionize the metaverse experience, ZenoScape establishes itself as a game-changer, offering a range of advantages for both users and the blockchain itself.

1. Seamless Integration : By being built directly on the Aurora blockchain, ZenoScape seamlessly integrates with the underlying technology, ensuring a cohesive and efficient user experience. This integration facilitates smooth transactions, secure ownership, and transparent interactions within the metaverse, bolstering the overall ecosystem’s robustness.

2. Scalability and Speed : Aurora’s innovative technology enables ZenoScape to overcome scalability challenges commonly faced by other blockchain-based projects. With its lightning-fast transaction processing and reduced fees, ZenoScape provides users with an unparalleled experience, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted metaverse adventure.

3. Enhanced Security and Trust : The native integration of ZenoScape with the Aurora blockchain ensures a high level of security and trust within the metaverse. Every transaction, asset ownership, and interaction is recorded immutably on the blockchain, eliminating the risk of fraudulent activities and fostering a transparent and reliable environment for users.

4. Decentralized Economy : ZenoScape on the Aurora blockchain taps into the thriving NFTs ecosystem, allowing users to trade their virtual lands, unique assets, and collectibles on decentralized marketplaces. This decentralized economy ensures that users have full control over their digital assets, fostering a fair and equitable marketplace for creators and enthusiasts. Embracing the power of NFTs, ZenoScape empowers individuals to participate actively in the metaverse’s economic landscape, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for growth.

5. Interoperability and Collaboration : The Aurora blockchain’s compatibility with other blockchain networks enables ZenoScape to seamlessly interact with diverse decentralized applications and platforms. This interoperability enhances collaboration and cross-platform experiences, fostering a vibrant and interconnected metaverse ecosystem.

6. Community Engagement and Empowerment : ZenoScape on the Aurora blockchain prioritizes community engagement and empowerment. By providing a platform for creators, gamers, and enthusiasts to come together, ZenoScape fosters an environment of collaboration, innovation, and collective growth. The community becomes the driving force behind the metaverse’s evolution, shaping its future direction.

7. Empowering Education and Creativity: A Platform for Artists and Galleries: ZenoScape not only serves as a captivating metaverse and gaming platform but also provides a space for education, art, and creativity to flourish. Artists and galleries can utilize ZenoScape as a powerful platform to showcase their works, host virtual galleries, and educate others about their artistic journeys.

With ZenoScape as a native metaverse and gaming project on the Aurora blockchain, users can embrace a new era of possibilities, where seamless integration, scalability, enhanced security, decentralized economies, interoperability, and community empowerment converge. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, building a metaverse ecosystem that transcends boundaries and unlocks the true potential of blockchain technology.

Unveiling ZenoScape MVP: Pioneering the Aurora Blockchain’s Metaverse & Gaming Ecosystem

ZenoScape, an innovative metaverse and gaming project on the Aurora blockchain, proudly presents its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) alongside a series of captivating videos that showcase its groundbreaking potential. With a commitment to excellence and a vision to become a pivotal pillar of the Aurora blockchain’s metaverse and gaming ecosystem, ZenoScape is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape.

1. MVP Preview: Witness the Future Unfold.

Step into the ZenoScape metaverse with our captivating MVP preview. Experience a sneak peek of the immersive virtual world, where stunning landscapes, unique assets, and exciting gameplay mechanics converge to redefine the boundaries of digital exploration. Join us on this journey as we unveil the future of the metaverse on the Aurora blockchain at the Aurora Headquarters in the metaverse:

Live MVP:

2. Crafting Digital Realms ‚Äď Showcasing aurora headquarter.

Delve into the world of ZenoScape as we showcase the creation process behind mesmerizing virtual landscapes. Witness how users can shape their own digital realms using ZenoScape. From lush forests to futuristic cities, ZenoScape empowers you to bring your imagination to life in the metaverse. Presenting aurora headquarter.

Video: Introducing the Aurora Headquarter: A Glimpse into the Future - YouTube

3. Collaborative Adventures ‚Äď Metaverse offices for regional hubs.

Embark on collaborative adventures within ZenoScape’s thriving community hubs. Discover how users can host meetups, launch products, and organize metaverse events that foster collaboration, engagement, and a sense of belonging. Join forces with like-minded individuals as we reshape the way communities interact in the metaverse.

Video: Introducing the Aurora Community Hubs: A Glimpse into the Future - YouTube

4. NFT Galleries - Unlocking the Potential of Digital Assets

Explore the vibrant NFT gallery within ZenoScape, where users can showcase their NFTs, unique assets, and collectibles. Witness the power of decentralized economies as individuals freely engage in secure and transparent transactions on marketplaces, creating a thriving ecosystem that rewards creativity and innovation.

ZenoScape’s MVP and captivating videos/images illustrate our unwavering commitment to building a groundbreaking metaverse and gaming ecosystem on the Aurora blockchain. With proper support and collaboration, ZenoScape has the potential to become an integral part of Aurora’s vibrant ecosystem, parallel to other native metaverse projects driving growth on other blockchains. Together, let’s shape the future of the Aurora blockchain, transforming the way we experience the metaverse and gaming realms.

Budget Proposal: Building ZenoScape Metaverse and Gaming Platform:

Milestone 1 (Month 1-2): $11k

  • UI/UX Design and Development: Creating an immersive and visually captivating user interface that enhances user engagement and navigability within the ZenoScape metaverse.

  • Conducting thorough research and planning to ensure the scalability and future-proofing of the platform.

  • Building some custom environment for regional hubs and assets for personal lands

Milestone 2 (Month 2-3): $12k

  • Website Launch and Feature Integration.

  • Developing a comprehensive website for ZenoScape, serving as the gateway to the metaverse. Implementing demos for users to experience and test.

  • Continue building the tech stack for the metaverse foundation, including gaming engine, database integration etc.

  • Updates on social media profiles to connect with the users

Milestone 3 (Month 3-4): $12k

  • NFT Infrastructure and Integration: Building a robust NFT infrastructure within ZenoScape, including the development of smart contracts, NFT marketplace integration, and seamless integration of NFT ownership for land parcels.

  • Defining and building the tech stack to define ownership and integrate nfts/blockchain infra within the metaverse.

  • continue building some complex and bigger assets/environment.

Milestone 4 (Month 4-5): $14k

  • Land Customization functionality and NFT Campaign

  • Implementing advanced customization features that allow users to personalize their virtual land, including architectural modifications, landscaping options, and interactive elements.

  • Launching a strategic NFT campaign to promote the platform, attract artists and creators, and incentivize user participation.

  • Building and integrating the assets into the metaverse, customize the website infra as per the architecture of ZenoScape tech.

ZenoScape is a visionary project that combines various technologies to create a captivating metaverse experience. By integrating gaming, physics, Express.js, typescript/React, Node.js, Firebase, Blender, and Unreal Engine, ZenoScape offers a unique and immersive realm for users to explore and engage with.

With a proposed budget of $49k allocated over a timeline of 4-5 months, ZenoScape can accomplish significant milestones in the development process. Each milestone represents a crucial step towards creating an immersive metaverse and gaming platform. The allocation of resources and timeline ensures that we can focus on implementing key features, refining gameplay mechanics, and polishing the overall user experience. By combining these different technologies, ZenoScape aims to deliver a captivating and cutting-edge metaverse that pushes the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

Step into the extraordinary world of ZenoScape and let your imagination run wild. Discover new horizons, connect with a dynamic community, and redefine what is possible in the metaverse. Join us as we shape the future of this boundless digital universe together. ZenoScape awaits, ready to transport you to a realm of endless possibilities.

Thanks to @techdir and @johanga for encouraging to post this proposal on the forum. And a big thank you to @ell for answering our questions.

Thank you


This is a very interesting proposal. I will see it deeply and give my reply soon.
Also, ask every community member to look inside this prop and share some thoughts. Thanks


It is interesting for aurora. We have to see that these projects add value to the blockchain, to the adoption and enthusiasm of communities.

I say this because other activities that are done to attract the attention of users are using resources to be liquidated in trade and not really be used within the ecosystem of Aurora, NEAR and ETH.


Very weak MVP


Thank you, @Tolmindev , for reviewing the proposal. We acknowledge that the MVP may seem weak, but we want to emphasize that it is merely a small part of the comprehensive solution we have proposed(Represents droplet in the ocean).

The details of our vision are clearly outlined in the proposal, and that is why we are reaching out to Aurora for assistance and resources in bringing it to life

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