[Rejected] August & Sept - Content Creation (Blog Post - Social Media) Cripteros.com project

Project name: Cripteros.com

Funding scheme: Monthly

Project Members: América Castro/ @ame9986 (Co-Founder, Social Media Manager author-translator-web design,) Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom

Links to Socials and web page:

Web: cripteros.com

Medium: Cripteros ⋈ NEAR – Medium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cripterosnear

Telegram: Cripteros

Proposal Summary:

Hello, Aurora community, my name is America @Ame9986, and I hope you are doing great. :hugs:

I am the co-founder of Cripteros.com, an educational and informative initiative to bring the Hispanic community news, guides, and tutorials on Blockchain, Web3, dApps, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies, as well as a blockchain project directory for them to have at their fingertips direct links to the best platforms developed in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem and all in Spanish. :muscle:

What problem is the proposal solving?

Cripteros.com is an informative NEAR ecosystem directory and blog that was born just 3 months ago (we still are babies) to bring to the Hispanic community the projects that are built under the NEAR protocol and its entire ecosystem, including Aurora. Our mission is to present these projects in Spanish so that more Spanish-speaking users discover the world behind the third-generation blockchain.

As a woman, it is also my goal to make information about blockchain more inclusive. Many Latin women are interested in learning about these projects, but language can be a barrier to getting the information.

According to the Statista web page by 2021, there were 548 million Spanish-speaking inhabitants and 460 million who are natives.

The Spanish-speaking community is large and interested in blockchain, and everything developed in it. But, in a simple google search about Aurora, getting information in Spanish is still harsh.

How is the problem being solved?

From cripteros.com, we want to provide quality content in Spanish and get more people to know and use Aurora and the 188 projects built on it and also make a call to Latinas writers with blockchain knowledge to be part of this project. :purple_heart:

**** Proposal**

We want to focus the topics on the following Dapps.

• Four (4) articles in Spanish /1000 words:

  1. The Definitive Guide To The Rainbow Bridge: How It Works And Why It Matters (in Spanish.)

  2. Ref. Finances: Step-by-step tutorial in Spanish with an explanatory video.

  3. An Introductory Guide To MetaMask: Connecting To Blockchain-Based Applications (Step-by-step tutorial with an explanatory video.)

  4. How Aurora Is Changing The Game For Ethereum Developers

All our articles will be promoted on our Twitter account, and also, will be published by our collaborators and writers’ Twitter accounts.

  • Re-post on our Medium blog.

We understand that there is a large community on Medium interested in the blockchain. For this reason, all our articles are uploaded to our Medium blog.

  • We will continue to nourish our list directory with the projects developed in Aurora.

  • Creatives, educational and informative posts on Twitter.
    Create a social media content plan to post every day this month about the Aurora Network and its projects.

  • Newsletter
    Inform every week news about Aurora Network and its projects.

  • Calling women writers to create content
    In this period, I want to call on blockchain enthusiastic women to be part of this project and write on cripteros.com

The promotion of our articles is essential for us, that is why we make informative and fun threads about the guides we write, using creatives, memes, and GIFs designed by us.

We dedicate ourselves weekly to promoting the articles published on Cripteros.com.

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

General metrics:

During the first month, following the approval of the funds, we intend to:

  • Write 4 articles (guides, tutorials) on our blog

  • Reach 200 new followers on Twitter

  • Launch and achieve 50 new subscribers to our informative newsletter

  • Increase our followers on Medium to 25.

  • Achieve 100 daily views on cripteros.com

Funding Details

  • 4 articles with designs: 400 USD

  • Two video tutorials: 150 USD

  • Monthly Twitter content plan about Aurora: 200 USD

  • Weekly email marketing plan: 150 USD

Total amount requested in USD; $900

Near Wallet ID: cripterosblog.near


At the end of the month, counted from the receipt of the funds, a report will be made with links and images of the achievements made with this marketing plan.

To conclude, I want to thank Aurora Network and the Aurora Community grants program team members: Alex - @Alex_J and Ell- @ell for this opportunity.

Receiving the funds will help us grow, make Aurora’s projects known to the Spanish-speaking community, bring more women to participate in our project as writers, and plan more content for the coming months.

Please, if you have any questions or comments to help us improve, let us know in the comments below.


The Near community needs more channels in the Spanish language in order to spread the benefits of the NEAR protocol. This proposal is what all need to achieve this goal.


Good evening!
Unfortunately, we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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Totally agree with you. We recently launched Aurora LATAM guild. :muscle:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my proposal.

Even though it is a little sad to read the rejection, my intención is to keep working on this project to build the NEAR projects directory in Spanish, include more Latin woman writers and all the writers who want to spread the word about blockchain and the web3 world.

Great to hear that it is an Aurora Latam already. I hope they open the opportunity for Latin women writers and have a solid plan for educating the Latin community about Aurora. :muscle:

Once again, thank you for your time. :olive:

America Castro


Hello Hello!

Aurora LATAM guild can’t really be launched by just one country leadership and without LATAM community.

It can’t be a Guild led by just one country from LATAM (Argentina) because it will be representing several countries by just one country’s leadership, and that will be wrong and will receive rejection from different countries not being represented.

In this rejected proposal, you have a clear budget and how are going to spend it, but in the case of LATAM proposal there is no breakdown of it.

We just kick-start conversations to solve that situation and to see if we can really have a broader representation for LATAM.

Rejecting proposals in the meantime, with clear goals and budget just because there is an Aurora LATAM when that’s not true yet, is a mistake.