[Rejected] Aurora Arabic October 2022

Hello Arora community, good day
I am happy to be with you!
Let’s make Aurora more and more prosperous with good works.

Name: Aurora Arabic Guild

Funding scheme: Monthly

You have probably heard the name Arab world at least once
The Arab world or the Arab countries include 22 Arab countries (10 African countries and 12 Asian countries) are the Union of Arab countries


It has a population of about 412,972,397 million people and an area of 13,130,695 square kilometers.
These are some statistics to understand this issue and it can be very helpful in this regard
And also in terms of wealth, some countries are in the top category in terms of income and people’s income

Our goal is to create strong communities and expand as much as possible and get to know Aurora - ecosystem - marketing - visibility - to Arab communities, without a doubt, with the expansion of Aurora communities, it will be seen much better and we will reach the position it deserves .
Egypt - Bahrain, United Arab Emirates - Jordan - Morocco - Etihad Qamar - Somalia - Palestine - Sudan - Djibouti - Libya - Iraq - Lebanon - Syria - Tunisia - Algeria - Qatar - Oman - Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Mauritania - Yemen

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Our team currently consists of 3 people
Each member works in a part of the media and directs them, for example

I am 32 years old, I got acquainted with cryptocurrency about 2 years ago and invested in it
And I have about a year of experience as an ambassador-moderator in English-speaking groups in many projects

With a working experience as a marketer and ambassador in projects, he is fluent in English to translate articles - posts - voice calls that will be held in the future - as well as directing Telegram at a certain time.

His job is moderator in groups - designer and graphic designer to make posts in Arabic language and a influencer. Let’s see work from him in the future.

We expect to maximize awareness of Aurora in the Arabic-speaking community and communities, and for this reason, the role of marketing and expanding communities is very important in this case, and it is important to expand communities by holding AMAs, challenges and prizes to encourage the community. And this will be very good and can have a beneficial effect


  • Creation of Aurora Arabic social networks and their expansion
  • Translation of articles and cases about Aurora in Arabic language
  • Holding offline and online meetings regionally to teach Aurora in Arabic language
  • Spreading and increasing awareness of Aurora
  • Articles about AURORA in the arabic language.

We expect:

  • Translation and creation of arabic language articles per month
  • More than 100-150 active members in Telegram group by next month and next report
  • Reaching good followers on Telegram and Twitter
  • Creating others media and achieving good activities on social media [ Discord, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Medium ]
  • Excellent, beautiful and user-friendly graphic design will be better as a result of attention, but if it is in English, it is clear that a person who does not know English will easily ignore it.


For the first month, we must first build the community!
Then let’s move forward stronger
Moderation : 3 * $100= $300
Graphic: $100
3-5 articles and translations of updates and surrounding news: $200
Twitter and Instagram: $200
Total: $800


Why do you need 3 moderators for a community just with 4 members as of now! Imo

I would suggest first building a decent community and then ask for a Moderator pay!

The proposal looks delusional with no exact growth metrics and KPIs.
I would personally suggest you to first show that an Arabic community with an interest in Aurora ecosystem do exist before going for a funding ask.

Hello, this is just a suggestion for the beginning, most of the forums started with less and less members and we have to consider this.

@Karim One person is needed now, and you really don’t have many members yet, just create forums and I suggest you don’t rush.
They have sent the proposal and it will take a long time to approve or reject it, until then continue @Karim suggest you to cooperate with other communities and use their experiences.
It is not a high amount and it seems like a good offer
I suggest not to rush and give some time and see the result.
For now, it is better to strengthen the society and if you really deserve it, you will be approved

There is no link for Instagram yet, can you update it?

It looks good considering the budget and it takes time to build and start from scratch
Let’s give them some time and see

hey !
thanks for your proposal
you have big plans, so many countries are in the list !
what background do you have? have you ever managing big projects? how many people were working with you?
do you have an experience of leading a Guild (web3-community) ?
can you suggest, what is the target in all these countries - are people mostly users (are they interested in blockchain, or how do you plan to reach those, who are interested in web3?) or there’re a lot of developers?

nice to meet you here :pray:

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Hello, guys.

Thanks for your proposal.
Can you add some metrics(KPI) that we can use to track your results?
How many graphics are planned?

3 people to moderate a nascent channel may seem like a lot.
Or maybe it meant for Twitter, Telegram and the rest?

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Do not think that you are being attacked. Each forum participant can ask questions on the topic. These questions are needed to clarify some factors or transparency of financing. If your three moderators are needed for three different social networks, point to these social network links. You’re asking for a small amount for the first time, that’s good.How will you attract new members to your community and to Aurora in general? Will there be any contests, AMAs, sweepstakes? You understand that you need to interest people. MashaAllah❤️
Thx :relieved:

Good morning, could you please share a list of your previously projects? Thanks!