[Rejected] Aurora Ecosystem - Global Youtube Channel FEB & MARCH 2023

Hello @Alex_J @ell , Happy New Year
Recently we got the approval and grant from Near Marketing for Talks on NEAR Youtube and Social Media Growth .

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What exactly is the Aurora Ecosystem YouTube Channel?
The Aurora Ecosystem Channel will be a one-stop solution for all visual information on YouTube and the IG TV Channel, which will help educate people and bring them on board with the Aurora Community!
YouTube channel for the Aurora Ecosystem The goal is to consolidate all information about Aurora and the Aurora Ecosystem into a single ecosystem channel, as well as to make the Aurora Youtube channel official.

What Kinds of Videos Will Be Published ?

Aurora Ecosystem Channel will be talking about deep information about Aurora and the Aurora Ecosystem:

  1. Talk on Aurora and its Wide Ecosystem
  2. Comparison with other L2 blockchains
  3. Advantages and the use case of its token
  4. Talks on its Core Ecosystem Project
  5. Why Should Projects and Developers Build on the Aurora Chain?
  6. Aurora: Aurora Vibrant Community Inside
  7. Videos on Talks: Monthly Review or Weekly Review ( Source: Aurora Website )

Budget Analysis!

10x Videos in February + 10 Videos in March (YouTube & Instagram TV)500$ + 500$
Scripting, recording, and editing fees are included.
Making a Telegram Announcement Channel and gathering the community for more updates and insights

Metrics & Vision

We need two months to give you the best output and results in terms of views, likes, and subscribers from the NEW community because it is a new channel.
YouTube Channel - Aurora Ecosystem: 300-500 Subscribers
Telegram Community: 200-300
Instagram: We will connect with our existing channels (AuroraisNearNews and trending.Aurora ) so they can promote videos on IG TV.

Overall budget: $1000 for the months of February and March.

With the help of the Aurora Ecosystem Youtube Channel, we can educate the community, investors, developers, and project builders under one roof!

NEAR WalletID: shubham007.near
Telegram Handle: [Telegram: Contact @Albhion
Email: Shubhampersonal07@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! :sparkles:


no, thanks!

May I know the reason ??

not actual for now

Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal
Feel free to apply next quarter

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its already next quater , May I know the reason !!

For $1000 I am producting 20 Videos with proper camera and all , I am already doing these for near may be you can chcekout our recent video which already crossed 1K Views within 3 days @ell I want to know you opinion too on this !!

Where other guild asking for more than 2000$ I am just trying to make it more affordable for you guyzz !!