[Rejected] Aurora Ecosystem YouTube Channel - Global Audience ( 2022 August )

Hello Aurora Team,

PROPOSAL: Aurora Ecosystem YouTube & Twitter Channel - Global Audience ( 2022 August )


I have been in Near Space for the past 1 year & have Onboarded People Globally into the Near Ecosystem. Onboard People from Artist backgrounds to Express their artwork in near space - Mintbase.
Onboard Users and Common people About Near Through Events and Meetups Virtually and Physically, Educating them about Near and Near Ecosystem Key concepts. Onboarded NFTs artists from a different chain like Fantom and Solana to Near. Currently, I am a Community DAO Member in NEAR Forum

Reason to Start Aurora Ecosystem Youtube Channel

A few months back, I started an Initiative about creating a Near Ecosystem Youtube Channel - Talks on Near Blockchain -
As we are focusing on Twitter and social media, Youtube plays a vital role in understanding the concept of cryptocurrency that we started to make youtube videos for the near ecosystem, and the mission is to explain all the near ecosystem videos on the youtube channel to the community around the world.

Links on social media and how many members in the social media-

Link = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNkgaRmxL80wthy8tAmGUTA
Number of members = Over 500+ Subscribers with 5K+ Views and 700+ People on Telegram

It’s time to work on Aurora Ecosystem, As there are not any specific videos and youtube channels for these projects, Also these channels cover all the Aurora Ecosystem projects and can be used for education purposes. The above Videos are made by a professional team under the guidance of the research team for the project. We also Make these Video Creative and Common as anyone can use these Videos for their marketing purpose in Aurora Ecosystem.

Links to similar proposals on the forum :

My Proposal for Aurora Ecosystem Youtube Channel

  • Youtube Channel Name : Aurora Ecosystem
  • Video to be covered: Aurora Weekly Highlights | Aurora Ecosystem Projects | Aurora Monthly Highlights & Live AMA or Talks on Aurora Ecosystem
  • Creating Telegram Channel and solving the community query
  • Social media boost: Whatever we post on youtube we will promote on all the social media, including Telegram, Instagram
  • We will Also do some AMA with crypto Influencers Online and LIVE Q&A

Metrics in 1 Month Approx in Organic

Daily Youtube Video Views: 100- 500 Views as its new channel and niche audience
Youtube Subscribers - 100- 500
Telegram Community - 20 - 50
Social Media ( Twitter | Instagram ) 50 -100 Followers

Funding scheme: Funding Request for August Months

We Would like to start with $1500

  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • 6 Videos on Aurora Ecosystem Project + 2 Influencer Video
  • Research + Content + Recording
  • Logo | Banner | Channel Art & Per Video Thumbnail Design
  • Camera Setup | Green Screen | Video Editing Cost
  • Promotion offline and online
  • Social Media Marketing Including Paid + Organic
  • Influencers Connect for Cross Promotion

Tagging Aurora Council Team Member: @ell @Alex_J
Thanks :slight_smile:

Target Wallet : shubham007.near


Hello @ell , Nice to see you again!!
I saw you like my proposal, when can I start my work and would you like to add on something !!

Hello @Albhion!
Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit the application next quarter.

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Hello Team Aurora, Nice to see you again !! @ell @Alex_J

Attaching Aurora Ecosystem Youtube Channel Logo + Social Media Links

Logo :slight_smile:

Youtube Channel

I alredy Revised Budget !!

According to First Month Metrics

  • $1000

I am Starting with 7 Videos with Aurora Ecosystem .
As I am Alredy working on Near YouTube Channel , I assure you AURORA Ecosystem Channel will Definitely going to create good Impact .

Kindly Check your My budget for 7 Videos - $1000 Budget and also Handling all the Social media Channel tooo

@ell @Alex_J

Check my Revised Budget and also creating an Seprate Social Media Channel Including Twitter / Instagram/ YouTube Channel .

Thanks :+1:

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