[Approved] September - Content Creation (Youtube/Overview vids/Guides) + Article creation

Name: NearGuru

Funding scheme: Monthly

Team: Me currently but have plans to onboard and expand

Links to Socials: Twitter & Youtube

My proposal:

So Near Guru’s mission is to leverage the Web3 space and tech for mass adoption to multiple chains and new users. The way I do this is by providing resources and education to the community and to market both NEAR and AURORA cross-chain and ideally also to new users but also devs from other chains.

So as I continue to educate and learn more in the Near and Aurora Ecosystems, I would like to take this opportunity to request community funding to create more in-depth and tailored video content around Aurora and the many of its expansive projects.

The way I plan to do all the above is through:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/c/NearGuru111/videos This is still a fairly new Youtube channel but I have found I can get a lot better education visually through video means and I plan to do my new series, “Coffee + Crypto + Calm” where as a big fan of coffee, crypto and mediation/breathing etc the main focus will be all around this as I believe we all need a little of each for longevity, this will be a weekly series but progressing to twice a week videos.

So starting with a cup of coffee i will discuss the Aurora/Near ecosystem in what I like to call a “For dummies” way, so I try to simplify the complicated to make it easier to understand and make the community, new users and devs wan to try and also use these Dapps. The end of the videos I will end with some mental wellness and calmness.

My plan is to also interview/talk with devs, project owners and big community leaders in this space, either as a Podcast or within my video series.

So here are Dapps I have briefly gone over, Polaris, trisolaris and rainbow bridge and you can check them here.

I will note these above are just research I had done and not in the more in depth series I plan to do “Coffee + Crypto + Calm”

  1. The videos in this series I will collate and create a overview video of previous videos so the community can get a quick oversight of what In have gone over the previous month in Aurora
  2. These will then be used to create articles, in depth threads and tweets to educate the wider community even more.

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

General Metrics:

  1. So the first would be views on video content (Recording, overview videos, interview/talks and Coffee + Crypto + Calm series
  • Youtube subscribers increasing = more interest in the content and then also more professional content.
  • Receiving funding to support content creation for Near/Aurora related projects will allow me to go from just simply educating to then enlightening/training the masses on the ways in Aurora, this would also allow me to invest in better equipment to improve the video content.
  • The video content then can expand in to overview videos and numerous articles which will then cater to a much larger audience, as this happens I can then expand the Near Guru brand and add and educate more creators.
  1. Twitter analytics through individual tweets and threads and community engagement (noted in Google sheets)

The Timeline would be every month

Requested amount USD; $450

Near Wallet ID: cryptosjp.near

Look forward to any questions you may have.


Hi. You have very few views. How are you going to attract new users?

Please check my Twitter, like i mentioned above the Youtube side of things is fairly new its Twitter where i have the biggest presence and where I am known and an influence in the Near ecosystem, creating and expanding my Youtube is another means to educate my twitter following and onboard more users to both Aurora and Near, the more videos and better quality videos i post will attract more users and views

I’ve noticed on the Near side of things a lot of near investors are hesitant to use aurora and this is where i feel we need more education, videos on the ecosystems the Dapps being built etc

I built my Twitter presence up from scratch from nothing, so will be a lot easier for me to build my Youtube educational channel up and “Coffee + Crypto + Calm” side of things as i now already have a big Twitter following

Good evening! Can you hold AMAs on our Twitter with Aurora Ecosystem projects? Thank you

Hi there this was something I did think off but was another subject and not mentioned in the proposal.

So are you meaning the AMA to be hosted on Aurora Twitter?

What exactly do you have in mind/ envision?

It would depend on frequency and time, I’m GMT timezone

The above request was more more building and content creation for NEAR/AURORA on Youtube

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Hello, I meant on your Twitter channel. Thanks

Ok I see so yeah this is something I can do but this was not in the original plan/proposal that side of things was for building a bigger Youtube side for NEAR and AURORA, multiple content and various Dapps and subjects, possible talks with projects owners etc and within the “Coffee + Crypto + Calm” Brand

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OK, thank you. Happy to support.

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Ok thats great to hear

Proposal is approved


Ok thanks, How do we go from here?

congratulations :pray:

Please, wait for a message in DM. Thank you