[Rejected] Aurora Explorer - November/2022

Hello dear Aurorians!

We are introducing NearExplorer and would like to launch a similar model for the Aurora community called Aurora Explorer.

Thanks to our experience in marketing, we believe that we will successfully create the Aurora Explorer.
We would like to submit an offer, details below:

Our proposal: creative dissemination of information among the crypto audience on Twitter, Telegram, Medium and Blogchain, support new ecosystem projects with our content, create clear and high-quality information about events and events, create infographics about the best, gaining popularity and new projects in Aurora, publish only relevant News.

If your project needs support, then be sure to fill out the form, we are here to support you and your work.

At the moment we have already created our social networks:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/AuroraExplorer_
Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @AuroraExplorer
Medium - Aurora Explorer – Medium
Blogchain - Aurora Explorer(auroraexplorer) on Blogchain
The form - https://forms.gle/aTzrNA15VYMMGYL36


  • Twitter:

We publish simple and clear project overviews, news, important updates, project and partnership announcements, we also do giveaways.
On average, 3 tweets with verified real news are published per day. To improve performance, we set a goal for the month:
70+ posts
30k+ views
200+ subscribers

  • Telegram:

We publish simple and understandable project overviews, news, infographics, important updates, announcements of projects and partnerships, as well as contests. Goal for the month:
70+ posts
15k+ views
100+ subscribers

  • Article:

We have planned to write 10 articles about projects in the Aurora ecosystem and present them to our community through our Medium and Blogchain accounts. There is not enough content on the Blogchain, we want to fill this network with content and be on the front page.

  • The form

Goal for the month:
Process 3+ applications.
We are accepting applications for new projects for November/December.

Expected activity:

• Exceed expected minimum performance.
• Work with applications from projects in the form.
• Create high quality content and graphics about projects from the Aurora ecosystem and promote this information on social media.
• Inform and educate the ecosystem community about projects and their functions.
• Support for projects in promoting their content.
• Organize contests and giveaways (~$200).
• Collaborate with other guilds and groups from the Aurora ecosystem to mutually promote posts and hold competitions to maximize support for young projects.


Budget for request: $2500
Wallet ID: evangel.near
Wallet owner’s name: Skydan Yevhen

Thanks for reading! @ell @Alex_J


Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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