[Rejected] News Production + Infographics + AMA - March & April | Aurora Insider

Hello everyone! @Alex_J @ell @johanga
We are back after 2 months operating at our own expenses. And we have a new proposal to submit
Last Proposal was approved: [Approved] Social Media - December | Aurora Insider

1. Our objectives

  • To become an official channel, one of the best supporters for the Aurora ecosystem.
  • To be a trusted source for marketers to market their projects and products, and be top-of-mind among the community.
    We are here to assist the community with following keys:
  • As to users: In staying with us, one can access Aurora products and platforms as easily as ever before. Our informative products help them easily skin in the game, learning about the latest news in the market, becoming a smart trader.
  • As to developers in the Aurora ecosystem: We support projects, especially newly developed projects that need to be marketed and promoted to reach users quickly, by communicating them to the community

2. Scope of work

-Twitter: We focus most of our resources on Twitter, which is our strength. Content will include:

  • Latest news
  • Weekly highlight
  • Monthly review
  • Infographics (Analytics, Insights, Project Overview, Guidelines, etc)
  • Online event: AMA, Giveaway

-Telegram: We will launch the Telegram Group, expecting to have around 3000 members at the initial phase. Our goals are:

  • Recruit non-Aurora, non-NEAR users through collaboration with other strong communities
  • Spread big news from Aurora
  • Remind community to join AMA Alex Friday weekly to get Aurora + Code
  • Discuss about ecosystem

For next steps we’ll focus on projects that received funding from Proximity: Trisolaris, Rift, Cora, Arctic, NearPay, Tonic

3. KPI

  • Twitter: 8000 followers => 10000 followers
  • Telegram: 3000 members => 3200 members
  • AMA: 6 AMAs per month
  • Giveaway: 2 GAs per month

4. Grants

  • Twitter: Content + Infographics + Support Project
  • Telegram: CM + Events
  • AMA + Giveaway: Host + Rewards

=> Total: $9000
Wallet ID: near_insider.near

Thanks for supporting!

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Hi @ell @Alex_J we didn’t receive any response for 17 days. If you reject our proposal please let us know. Maybe we’ll stop Aurora Insider here and comeback when have new update from Aurora. Just I don’t understand why we are rejected while our traffic is good so far, especially AMA. Thanks for supporting in a few past months!

Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.