Also I think if you were honest the history of the group would be open. Can you open the message history?

Hey there
Thank you for the feedback

Reason for the ineffective interaction on our telegram channels is because most Ghanaians are not so active on Telegram. They prefer Facebook and WhatsApp

Hence with this, our community would have a more interactive community on Facebook and WhatsApp soon

Can you open the history of messages in groups please?

Yes please… Thank you for the feedback

You still have not opened the history of messages in groups …

Hey Robert, aren’t you been too hasty?

The groups doesn’t mean she must be owner of all groups.

Read the write up properly.

…btw, Ghana and my country has 1 hour difference which puts Ghana ahead. It’s 8:37 pm in my country.

Not everyone is online or should be online at this moment. Especially for a group that activities are still planned.

My Opinion though

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Okay, if Aurora is just being planned, what about FTX? I think that 2 people out of 200 are online is not normal.

The admin of the group read my message but he did nothing

By the way, I apologize if I seemed too persistent or negative. I just want the Aurora community to develop quickly and in the right direction. :heart:

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Yeah, we hope the Aurora Ukraine gets better too…

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Can you check same groups in like 13 hrs or so? Cos that will be day time in Ghana

I believe those groups are campus groups and you know what that should mean.

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Thank you for your support

Greetings Robert, have you persistently visited our Telegram Channels this morning

We would be glad if you do

Thank you

You did sound negative but it’s fine …

Happy to see our West Africa brothers here any AURORA NIGERIA is ready to support you in any way possible

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Are you a FTX campus Ambassador??, because i know for sure that FTX campus communities are more on WhatsApp than telegram

Thank you!

The same

Thank you for a great job, but unfortunately, I cannot support your proposal at this time. Feel free to reach out to the Aurora Africa (lead @israel_igboze ) guild to continue your contribution.


Thank you for your feedback and recommendation

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