[Rejected] Aurora Listings (September)

Project Name: Aurora Listings

Aim: Build a service based global networking community to list the existing/new projects news
Funding Scheme: Monthly

Our Services

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Print Media

Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Connections with Blogging(Crypto/NFT) Websites: 10
  • Networking with Online Newsletter Releasing Websites : 30
  • Connecting with reporters for Print Media : 5
  • Instagram/Twitter EVM Chain Influencers: 5
  • Setup Social Media Accounts/Forms

Funding Details

  • $1500 / Monthly

Connect with Us

  • Group Invitation Link Invitation will sent to the selected members considering our KPI’s for success.

Wallet Address
Wallet: aurora_listings.near

Note: From the next month(October) we will start taking the requests of the clients for listing announcements on different media groups from our developed network.

Aurora Grant Team

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hi! glad to see you here :pray:
could i ask just to clarify?
all this points - do you already have in mind these numbers of reporters/websites/etc
or for now it’s just a plan ?


Hello. Could you please share a list of the bloggers?

  • List of the websites;
  • List of the reporters;
  • List of the influencers

Thank you for your proposal.

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Hi Johanga,

  • All these numbers are on the planning list right now for measuring our success with this initiative.

looking forward to explore draft of these lists when your proposal becomes approved :slight_smile:

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The plan for this month is to get the list prepared based on the

  • Recommendations from the community members (Incentives for the lead conversion’s will be provided)
  • Our Team has prepared a list of Crypto/Blockchain websites and we have already mailed to few of them for connection. (Sharing you the list of contacting list in your DM)

There are already such communities, which are the official Aurora channel, language guilds and project channels. You provide a channel for publishing news, how many communities do you have at the moment? How will you attract new members to your online community?What kind of work are you asking for $1,500?
Thx :blush:

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The project is to list ‘Aurora News’ on other Crypto/Blockchain Blogs and Websites. As of now we are not forming our online community . Instead we are going to be using Twitter/Telegram Channel for circulating about our work of listings. And a google form to connect with us : https://forms.gle/DsdXQFpQsMS55dbm8

  • Research and drafting Mails
  • Connecting with the Crypto/Blockchain Websites/Blogs/Influencers for pricing discussion
  • Incentives for the people bringing leads
  • Activating Twitter/Telegram Channel

Hello @Naveen_in
Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

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Okay Alex.

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