[Approved] Media Marketing for the Community

  • [Proposal] Media Marketing for the Community

Timeline: November - March (5 months)
Funding scheme: KPI-based

  • Summary

Solving the problem:

In order to bring more attention to the growing Aurora Community from outside the Ecosystem, we’re starting to work with media sources and platforms that create public opinion in crypto / web3 / blockchain area.

It was performed deep research on influencers in publishing media. As a result, the list of the most valuable and confident ones were chosen according to the purposes and current statement of the Aurora Community.

As far as we intensify regional guilds to interact with local influencers/bloggers and media platforms; as representatives of the Community we start to grow relationships with huge media channels from CoinDesk (later on with Cointeleghraph; Bloomberg, Cryptonews, DailyCoin, CoinPost and etc.)

  • Funding details for 5-month cooperation with CoinDesk:
    10.000 usd * 5 = 50.000 usd

Near Wallet ID: 0xD3aa5EDf3298fca0354855F742F9e924d7FDa3C0
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Proposal is approved

Happy to approve, please wait for an agreement on your email.