[Rejected] Aurora Uganda

Uganda is a very great place to share the Aurora Opportunity and i would love to give the young web 2 and web 3 developers a chance at it.
With over 500 both developer and non developer but crypto interested people in my two communities, My community is ready for inaugural 1 day event to introduce Aurora and a follow up two weeks online workshop to familiarize and enable them take advantage of the resources of Aurora and Near altogether.


Good morning :smiley:, could you please update your proposal. Here is a guide

Thank You and have a great weekend!

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Good evening. I am looking forward to seeing updates. Thank you.


Hy @Bri

Bro, if possible, explain more about your proposal, I am waiting to see it,

In case of no response within five days Otherwise, it will be [ Closed ]

A guide on how to propose :point_down:



Fortunately took sometime to prepare the concrete concept and here is the updated proposal.

For the smooth running of this project, I invited @dlumala who is an NCD (Near Certified Developer) from Uganda who has built a DAO and NFT project on NEAR to be the value addition for the Developers we want to have for an online Two week’s session.

Uganda is a community of young people and we have to onboard them to take advantage of the Aurora and Near community altogether.

The Proposal is to host an inaugural event on 10th September 2022 to introduce the core concept of Aurora to the community.
The two weeks leading up to the event day will be used to publicize digitally the event details and goals within the following groups.

3.ICT University Students
4.ICT Students from tertiary institutions like MTAC
5.Refactory Students

This is the core community that we are targeting to attend the event since it’s a community that has grown/will grow with the space organically.
We shall go ahead to use Twitter and Telegram Digital flyers to create general awareness about the event.

The follow up two weeks of intensive classes will be conducted via google meet and the objectives are as follows;

  1. To interest web2 developers to understand the Aurora project and how the can build greatly on it.
  2. To interest University Students with learning web 3 development and specifically the problems that Aurora solves.
    3.To give Aurora a community of loyal users however small it might be.
    4.To interest other developers from BSV and Proof of Work to understand Proof of stake. They are few but present within our communities.
    5.To have a Q&A session about the blockchain space and the opportunities for developers to seek help where necessary.
    6.To have fun :face_holding_back_tears::smiley:. We want to do daily giveaways in form of cash, t shirts and any other available incentives to keep it fun along the way as we learn.
  3. To equip developers with soft skills i.e. communication, negotiation and mental health consciousness.

The event will be used to open doors for all this fun and shall be organized by myself given the track record I have.
The developer mentorship and training will be conducted by @dlumala and myself on soft skills since I’m not a developer.

Event Budget.
•Venue - 1 Conference hall $300
•Music System + Dj Full set $50

Soft drink- Soda or Water $1per soft drink *200 $200
Pizza 50 Pizzas($8.33) $417
•Aurora Developer Shirts 20 ($5.6 each) $112
•Influencing and advertising
$20 for on campus Influencers(3people)
$30 for Twitter( 2 people) $60
(2 banners to put around University and Hotel, $27(2 small banners)
1 big banner for the event venue $65

•Photography & Videography
Video (10 minutes)
25+ studio quality photos $100

•Facilitation fee(2weeks) - $100 per week for two people


This an estimate based on my past capacity organizing events and subject to increase or decrease accordingly.

The event deliverables are;
1.Onboarding users on to this platform
2.A full list of attendees
3.A full week’s session attendees (developers)
4.Fun Pictures and videos.

This will also go a long way to strengthen the general blockchain industry in the country.

I am open to any questions and ideas from the community. Thanks :heart:


Good evening. Unfortunately, I am not ready to support your proposal at the time. Could you please update your proposal according to the guide and re-apply later? Thank you.


Cool. You must have reasons why you take this decision.