[Rejected] March audiovisual projects CUDO DAO

Project Name: CUDO DAO DAO cudo.sputnik-dao.near

Project Accounting: 10.84 N account balance

Last report for the Creatives community in NEAR

We are CUDO DAO - IMMIGRANT AUDIOVISUAL, made by Immigrants and designed to welcome immigrant professionals. CUDO DAO was born in the May 2021 hackathon and since then we are one of the most productive DAOs in the entire ecosystem. Seeing the possibility of combining the most diverse projects with the support of NEAR PROTOCOL, we envisioned the opportunity to create a DAO focused on audiovisual made by Brazilian immigrants living in Portugal and designed to welcome and produce audiovisual for immigrants and natives from all over the world.

Some of our achievements:

  • Participation on NEAR CON 2021 as workers and as artists on the NFT Gallery during the event.

  • Presencial workshop on Lanternas Inspiradoras

  • Coverage on Metaopoly

  • First MUTISESSION alive in Habitat

From August until now we applied for 14 proposals in the Creatives DAO, all approved.

Our council started with 3 members, went to 4 and now came back to 3 for better management of funds and administrative tasks.

Where you can find us:


Telegram: Join Group Chat (71 membros)

Our council members

Heverton Harieno: hevertonharieno.near

was born in Belo Horizonte in 1991. Bachelor in Journalism from UNA University Center, he also holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), in Portugal. He has experience as a Videomaker, Process Analyst, Cultural Producer, Musical Producer, Screenwriter and Director.

Lucas terra: lucterra.near

(Belo Horizonte, 1991) is a Designer, Illustrator and video editor with works ranging from the institutional to the artistic. Graduated in Design by SAGA Escola de Computação Gráfica, Lucas Terra has worked for major brands in Brazil and Portugal.

Thiago Cunha: thiago7hc.near

(Belo Horizonte, 1989) became a photographer by profession in mid-2015 and, since then, has been applying his immense creativity and refined technique in beautiful frames. Founding partner of Cudo Filmes, in 2016 signed the direction of photography of the medium-length film “Esperando por Ela” and, since then, has expanded the use of his lenses to produce films that have his characteristic DNA. Thiago’s portfolio is diverse, include essays, products and portraits made in Brazil, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary and Portugal.

Funding scheme: Monthly

Proposal summary

The problem we are solving:

After almost two years inserted in NEAR’s projects and producing the onboarding of hundreds of users, we could see that one of the great difficulties of the brand is to be able to transmit content with a wide reach and great diffusion.

How we are solving that and how we can impact the community:

As a first step our intention is moving our entire community from NEAR to Aurora, converting our 70+ member portfolio and transforming our NEAR-AURORA tokens. After that we can start to develop another projects with the AURORA community, producing audiovisual content that tells the story of important characters within the NEAR blockchain inspires, brings trust, and sells proximity to the audience.

Metrics/KPI to track results:

Create 100 new wallets in an Aurora thanks to our community members.

1k new views on our channel thanks to the AURORA tutorials

7 new tutorials to help the Aurora community make their transactions.

14 new posts tagging Aurora in our social medias

Funding Details

Council and administrative tasks

Administrative, Support to new wallets, Telegram and community moderator → 200$ *3
Fund to google ads and Facebook ads → 200$

Sub-Total: 800$

AURORA Tutorials inspired in the format used to create NEAR TUTORIALS to the community (7 videos)


Bridge Overview
Transfer Overview
Transfer Between AURORA/NEAR
Transfer from Ethereum
Transfer to Ethereum
Pending and Completed Transfers
Advanced features

Script → 740 = 280$
Voiceover → 7
30 = 210$
Translation and Subtitles EN-PT → 720 = 140$
Video Edition → 7
60 = 420$
Sub-Total: 1050$

Fund to activate new wallets:

Fund to new wallets → 450$

Sub-Total: 450$

note: For these session we aim select an expressive musician to engage a large audience and increase the Aurora’s visibility.

Total request number: 2.300 $ in AURORA TOKENS

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): cudo.sputnik-dao.near

KYC: hevertonharieno.near


Thank you for your proposal!

Could you please clarify how it can help to increase transactions and MAW on Aurora? Probably, you should apply for a Creative DAO Near grant.


Hello @ell. Thanks for you reply.

We always bet on reachability as the big argument for funding our videos within NEAR. With our productions, we have been able to bring the brand to new users, resulting in more wallets created by both community members working with us and viewers interested in getting into the crypto world. Now with AURORA we think we can have an even more targeted project, using our interview projects as a place for personalities from this ecosystem to talk about their experiences and thus have AURORA’s message reach more people and convince them to use more of the tools developed here.
Lisbon being a city full of characters touched by this blockchain, we thought it could be a good starting point.

We also believe that our proposal could have been valued by creatives but, with the new funding limitation policies there, we were left out of funding and so we decided to look for new possibilities to keep our DAO producing.

Thanks again for your attention and comments. If you see how we can improve this proposal, please let us know.

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hey, write me your email to dm please

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xhevertonx@gmail.com =)

We have decided to update the proposal, leading to our meeting on next monday. Please refer to the updated proposal =)

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Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal

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Hi @Alex_J,

After the meeting we had with @johanga yesterday we were under the impression that we could still revise our proposal based on what was presented to us in the conversation so if it is still possible, please review our update. If there is still not even alignment with AURORA funding we understand and thank you anyway for your attention.