[Rejected] 5 versus 5 #Audionft Album


Greetings to the Aurora & Auroraisnear Community, I’m thankful for the opportunity to submit this idea and excited about the web3 as a whole, I am The Tune, founder of A Social Educational, Music, art and entertainment Promotional Dao currently building on the Nearprotocol Blockchain, and on behalf of the Daos involved I would like to submit this proposal idea to the Aurora Community.

This collaboration would include the promotion of an Audionft Musical Project in the web3 that would be arranged by Spirityut Dao and Svara Dao, building on the Nearprotocol Blockchain in collaboration with Nifty Row and Raw Dao to create awareness for Audio nfts, the Aurora Community and the Nearprotocol through an Audionft Album that will be promoted across the Web3 ecosystem and IRL.
Svara Dao is an Indonesian community of producers, musicians, creatives and blockchain enthusiasts.

Below is link to Spirityut Linktr.ee & Introduction

Below is Svaradao introduction

Svara Dao would be having an Ama session for the #web3 Aurora Community that will be organised by the AuroraNFTclub.

Personally, having taken part in Web3 musical Projects such as the Near Mixtape vol1 album, featuring artistes from various parts of the globe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Canada, Indonesia, Poland, e.t.c which was Organised by Beatdao,

-Challenges ft Mubzy & Boy Chula

Dao Records BAYOR with recent premiere 19th Dec 22,
-Jungle with Sk the alternator & Cot Music

Web3 audionft Releases such as
-Sonic with Paul Crans, Founder BeatDao, Minted on Mintbase

-Sonic Video collaboration with NXM Musical Dao

The Tune & Paul Crans - Sonic (Official Music Video) - YouTube ,

I can say that they’ve been ways to create awareness and add more value for all Daos & Parties involved in the musical Projects, for #Audionfts, even the musicians themselves making history with the Blockchain Tech through #Audionfts.

Also 7th December 22, I was privileged to be interviewed by the Auora Africa Community as Regards the Dao, Spirityut, a Promotional Dao, community of African web3 creatives and Blockchain enthusiasts, on the 7th December which was great as regards connecting with the community and discussion of coming events & projects.

In preparation for an event where we plan to celebrate web3 music (Audionfts) in Africa, Spirityut in collaboration with other Daos would be organising an event to educate attendees about the Nearprotocol, Aurora, #web3 and #Audionfts in the year 2023, “Audio nfts Night” where we plan to have these web3 musicians perform their best musics minted on familiar market places to gain more traction about our side of the web3 using music, education and Onboarding.
We plan to also educate and onboard into the Aurora & Near communities attendees for this event.

In the Bid to spread more awareness for the web3, Daos involved, Aurora and Nearprotocol, we decided to curate this project. 5 vs 5, with AIM to Bring the Asian (Indonesian) and African(Nigerian) Cultures closer through #Audionft music.


5 song Musical E.p Titled, 5 Versus 5, (Audionfts):

  1. A number of 5 musicians & 5 producers would be selected off a pool of African musicians & Indonesian producers that submit their vocals or Beat demo to be selected, the best/favourites in both categories would be selected for the “5 vs 5” Project.

  2. 5 Indonesian Producers and 5 African Musicians,

  3. Digital Art Creators for song covers (Yinyang Dao), they are a community of Asian Digital Art Creators. link to Dao Profile Page below :

  4. E.p musical performance at this year’s physical Audionft Night Live Event.

Promotional Strategies,

  1. Amas with different Daos as regards Aurora, Near, Audionfts, Audionft Night event this year and 5 versus 5 Musical Ep to be created.

  2. Collaboration with the Aurora Nft Club to further promote the Audionfts,

  3. Blockchain Community giveaways to members that will select favourite songs off E.p, Vibe/Dance and Display on Socials for more creation of Awareness to external audience, with #Aurora #Auroraisnear #nearprotocol and other specific #s .

  4. Metaverse Launch: we shall be having a Metaverse Display using Spatial.io and a collaboration with the Raw Dao. Discussions have been made to organise a Metaverse Launch for the 5 versus 5 E.p, The Launch programme shall also be promoted across the ecosystem prior to D day. The Raw Dao hosts a lot of interesting Metaverse events and we gather at SPATIAL to communicate, Below is linktr.ee to the Raw Dao and the Metaverse Home.



The Nifty Row is a Dao building on the Aurora Blockchain focused on promoting Nfts amongst other purposes, their minting platform enables for Music Minting which is Great and we would be establishing relations/collaborations with the Team to further promote the 5 versus 5 Project virtually and IRL.

Below is a link to Nifty Row Marketplace


Promotional Benefits/Positives:

• Marketing through promotional Strategies would be good to further promote and educate listeners & viewers on the Blockchains and Doas involved, Aurora and Nearprotocol, I.e

• Amas, Articles/Blog Content Writing, social Media Content Writing, Artiste Promotional posts, Podcasts & #web3 metaverse Launch using Spirityut Spatial.io Home…

• Paid Ad to create wider visibility

• Community engagement task would further Promote the Audionft E.p to potential community members and winners to be rewarded with Prize pool of $200.

• At least 50% increase in followers/fans on all social platforms through promotional Strategies.

• Podcast dedicated to audionft and related discussions to engage/retain community members and potential ones so as to boost engagement with projects.


Description Fund Total
5 African Musicians & 5 Indonesian producers $100 × 10 $1000
Promotional activities & Creation of Promotional Contents (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram Ads & Hype curation) $50 $50
5 Digital Audionft Covers (YinYang Dao) $250 $250
Community Giveaway & Prize Pool $200 $200
Organisation of 5 versus 5 $200 x 2 $400
(Dao founders)
Totals $1900

Exciting ideas you’ve got there mate, wish you all the best.


God’s blessings Clinton and a Happy new year fam Thanks.


This is the best idea we have done, crossing 2 different cultures and working together in the web3 Aurora ecosystem. something very new breakthrough :heart:


Great ideas comrade​:fire::fire:


Thats right bro, and great ideas bro :100::tada:. Thanks.

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Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal

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