[Rejected] Mission to Onboard 13M user into Aurora ecosystem

Good day,

I’m Bakaka, a blockchain advocate skilled in growth and strategic, product management, I’ve been into crypto for the past 5–6 years.

NB This proposal has nothing to do with or seeks another regionalisation hub, dao, or guild it is an aurora for all, and we are here to help and achieve the mission together; in our subsequent proposal, we will expand it to some neighboring countries. If you want to join us to achieve the goals, you are welcome.

“Africa has a population of over 1.4 billion with Nigeria having a population of 211 million people and Nigeria ranks as world’s second-largest bitcoin trader after the US with 60,215 bitcoins traded at a value of $3.8 billion USD”

The northern part of Nigeria has 60-75% of the Nigerian population where 90% of them are hausa speakers with more than 3M active crypto users and have native influencers with a minimum of 5K users and subscribers in their channels and groups, yet we don’t have any DAOs, Guild or Community that represent Aurora.

The main goal of this proposal is to establish/ start a regional marketing campaign for user acquisition and growth in the Hausa community first toward the 13M user target of the Aurora ecosystem, this proposal including strategies, outcomes, KPIs, and execution costs, the overall goal is to not only attract users but also to retain them and develop communities.


Creating a community (Telegram group naming Aurora Hub)

A region with more than 170M population with more than 3M active users needs an Aurora Community and one of the first action plans is to create a community group where individuals and users can get answers to their issues and other challenges using the platform or some SDKs and APIs. In the same group if we get the desired users’ growth we will arrange a weekly voice chat to hear from the community and engage them in various incentive activities, among other things. (Optional and temporary)

Content Creating

We will pick selected producers and artists creators on a regular or irregular basis to create content for Aurora in our regional language or partner with them when they have a show or perform so that the Aurora logo or information is visible to their audience.

Influencers partnership

We are going to partner with some key selected influencers and youtubers to create content in our language and promote aurora in their channels and groups with is one of the very effective ways that worked for us that onboard more than 1-2M users to mara exchange within 3-4 month, the selected influencers are:



Our objectives

Our main objective Is to help our community devs, creators, and key stakeholders in various states to learn about the aurora ecosystem, especially for government to let them know how the aurora blockchain will solve some government issues in e-gov, supply chain, and other infrastructure management.


Following the successful completion of the program, our communities, and some state governments will have a thorough understanding of how the Aurora ecosystem will help them in our objectives above, and our creators will get to know more about aurora NFTs for our Devs too, most importantly is to onboard a minimum of 3k users into the ecosystem in the month.


Each influencer will create two videos and two content posts on his YouTube, Telegram, and Facebook pages. this is from my previous proposal which is the same thing.

Onboarding of a minimum of 3000 new aurora+ users into the ecosystem

Onboarding of new creators and developers to the ecosystem

Partnership with some government officials and web2 innovational Hubs


Each influencer gets one week to promote his two clips and two pieces of content on his channels, this takes us to 1 Month of the campaign while some of us are going to work on the partnerships.


Rent of a camera for the video 60$ per hour for 2hrs and 2 videos per influencer = 960$

Studio 30$ per hour for two hours and 2 videos for each influencer = 480$

Pages and telegram group contents 25$ per content, for the two content per influencer = 200$

Edition of the video, 100$ per video for the 8 videos of all the influencers = 800$

2 team members to lead the arrangement of meeting with governments officials and follow the success of the campaign compensation = 1000$

Total $3,440

Wallet: abbakaka.near

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from
@ell @johanga


Hello @Bakaka , Thanks for your proposal and submitting your idea to help Aurora ecosystem grow exponentially. I’d urge you to be respectful to the guilds and regional communities. They all are helping Aurora ecosystem in their own way, not a “drama”.

Hope you understand, thanks!


Sure, the goal is the same to grow the ecosystem, the reasos why put this is to avoid misunderstanding of my proposal. It’s not personal and edited already. Thank you buddy

Unfortunately we cannot approve your proposal now
Feel free to apply next quarter

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Sure, Thank you for the feedback