[Approvedl] Social Media - August | Aurora Insider

Hi everyone and the Aurora community! I’m glad Aurora created this program to grow the ecosystem to be strong. This is something that not all ecosystems have. So, we decided to launch “Aurora Insider” to be a part of the Aurora ecosystem.

Besides, we come from Near Insider, a part of the Near ecosystem. I think you guys know us, we are the “ friendly dreamers” lol. With our experience in marketing, crypto and having built Near Insider, we believe it is possible to build Aurora Insider successfully. So, we wanna send a proposal, details below:

Guild name: Aurora Insider
Funding scheme: Monthly
The content we aim for: Analytics, Insights, Knowledge, Education and Promote for projects

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora_Insider

1.Social Media (Twitter)
Till end of Aug, we are expecting to reach:
-Infographics: 100
-Total Impressions: min 100,000

-Monthly AMAs on demand (4 - 6 AMAs)
-Giveaway to attract new users

3.Budget for request: $4500
Wallet ID: near_insider.near
We will send a report at the end of the month

Thanks for reading! @ell @Alex_J


Thank you! Happy to support!

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Proposal is approved

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Thanks for support! Appreciate!