[REPORT] Aurora Africa (April)

Hello Aurora community!

Here is a summary of our activities in the month of APRIL

Approved proposal

Previous reports (January/February/March)

Received amount for April: $3,500


Project of the week



About Aurora



Medium Analytics

Twitter analytics

Funds Distribution.

Due to price downturn of $Aurora, our $3500 for the month became about $2200. However, we spend the following amounts. We hope to correct this by swapping community funds to stable tokens to be able to deliver properly.

  1. Social media promotion for growth and outreach. $500
  2. Community rewards. $300
  3. Team compensation. $1400

TOTAL: $2200

Aurora tip bot was used throughout the month to distribute rewards to community members.

We hope to get better in the month of May by engaging in more external AMAs, project AMAs, and weekly workshops to educate community members about projects built on Aurora. These workshops are interactive sessions and are towards increasing transactions on-chain.

Also, we tried to constantly remove dead account on Telegram to clean thr group. Howeve, the planned external AMAs will grow our telegram community further.

Thanks to the team (@Alex_J, @ell, @johanga, @Dk_51 )for all support and we promise to redirect all April activities to yield on-chain results.

Special thanks to all core contributors in Aurora Africa. (the lists exceeds the number of tags i have, hence i don’t want to mention only a few names😁)

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Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of April

Socials April
No. of Followers Planned Achieved[April]
Twitter 4194 4294
Telegram 1936 1668
Medium followers 114 114
Near Social 0 20
YouTube video 7 7
Articles 8+ 14
Events - 5
AMAs+Workshop 5 5

Community Weekly Growth

Cost Per User

Thanks for the work, but much need to work on the Telegram growth, the rest of this is good, thanks!


Sure, we are working on university campus publicity to get to more oeganic members.

We will improve this week.

Thanks, thanks

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