[Report] Aurora Africa January 2023

Hello Aurora, we come to you with a report of all that happened in January with our community. It was a great month as we increased our content rate and tried to expand our community reach.

Previous report for the month of December is found here

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Project of the Week



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As stated in proposal, funds are shared appropriately.

  1. Content team (5 persons)=$830
  2. Community team (2 persons)=$300
  3. Dev team (1 person)=$250
  4. Social media (2 persons)=$200
  5. Sub-communities (3 persons)=$450
  6. Community rewards: $400

However, referencing our previous report, we had lost almost $700 for swapping fees on Ref.finance when trying to swap to stable tokens to avoid price volatility.

Also, we have expanded to Github where we will be stacking all our dev tutorial videos for developers to be able to have access to.

Thanks to team @Alex_J @ell @johanga and Aurora hunters for all support and the Aurora plus code campaigns.

Socials January
No. of followers planned achieved (Jan)
TG 1730 1316
Twitter 1500 1522
Medium followers 96 107
Articles 8 20
Events 6
AMAs 4 6

Thanks for great job, let’s continue with the same results and open 1000 Aurora+ accounts in Africa)

Have a great day!


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