Aurora Africa Report for November.

Hello, Aurorians!

It’s great to write to us again to give an update on all that has happened with us at Aurora Africa in November.

We received funding for October and November as seen here, and we reported all our activities for October too.

For November, we as a team sat down to look at our work done so far and where we are at and came to a close that November was to be used more for our community activities. what does this mean? This mean, the majority of our activities were for the consumption of our community members.

To curtail a hit-and-run activity within our community, we had to stay with a monthly reward system for our community members, and all activities to be done.

Details are found in this article.

Social Media Growth and Activities.

  1. Twitter:

Here, we continued sharing infographics for our project of the month series, community news updates, and other ecosystem updates.


  1. Telegram 1442 members.

News channel

Telegram quiz, AMA’s about Ecosystem projects, sharing of news from community news

TG stickers for community to use. https://twitter.com/AURORAAFRICA1/status/1594129452715446274?t=hLJ55RNgV8GyYT8zKrtigg&s=19

  1. YouTube 254 subscribers

We made videos of our projects in the month, Aurora Africa Academy, and Solidity training Videos.

  1. Medium 80 followers

Our articles are basically about the projects of the week. Which are chosen from the latest projects to help increase their visibility within the ecosystem

Offline event.

We attended afresh 2022 to help us get into more communication and onboarding builders from Africa into the ecosystem.

Updates are seen here https://twitter.com/AURORAAFRICA1/status/1590302197442805761?t=FuLGWY0GgXwPWAyULbWiwg&s=19

Many people joined our community Telegram group and partnerships that will unfold soon are going on.


It’s been a challenge getting many onboard via the resources we had, however, we have

Aurora Africa-Ghana: Telegram: Contact @AuroraGhana

Aurora Africa-Cameroon: Telegram: Contact @aurora_cameroon

Aurora Africa-Uganda: Telegram: Contact @aurorauganda

MEME/TG stickers


Partnerships with local influencers such as WhatsApp TVs helped our telegram community to grow as well.

Rewards distribution.

As read above in the article, rewards for the community will be distributed which s worth $500.

  1. AMAs: $300

Team compensation.

  1. Two developer teams: $300

  2. BD $100

  3. CMs: $200

  4. Content team: $500

Offline event: $746

Local partnerships: $200
Contest: $300
Total $3,146 (in progress as other expenditures are going on)

What’s for the FUTURE?

As our community is growing large, the next two months shall be used for more off-chain partnerships and collaborations.

With our collaborations with Aurora Hunters, we will hence choose projects of the week after verification from them

Also, focus more on Translating materials to other African languages to help all our present and future community members to be educated.

Also, we have seen massive organic growth and partnership from offline events and we seek to be more developer-focused as we roll up for next quarter and onboarding a project to the ecosystem

Thanks to the team for the support so far.

@ell @Alex_J @johanga


November was a great month, hoping for a better month in December.

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This is great, I love the team spirit and dedication from everyone.

Thank you Aurorains!

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thank you and your team for incredible work and outstanding contribution to the Aurora ecosystem growth :green_heart:


Thanks for all the support from the team to us.


Keep dominating Africa good job done.
Will love to see more.

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Great Job guys :+1:

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