[Report] Aurora Africa for August

Hello Aurora community.
It will be recalled that we made our introduction/proposal for the months of August-September here. Our proposal was approved for the month of September.

Despite that, we have been able to hold three AMAs, and launched two contest that are presently going on.

We had massive growth on our social media handles.




We still waiting to receive funds to do more activities as supposed.

Thanks to the community for support.


Hey @israel_igboze , this should be posted in ‘Aurora community’ category.


Thanks for the reminder. It’s Done.


Not many announcements in August. Guild just relays news from community new stream.
There is also no information about the various giveaways or how the grant money was spent.

I would like more details about the AMA. Who are the representatives of these communities and what channels they have (the number of subscribers in them).

I don’t fully understand what you mean here but in August, we were yet to receive funds. However, if you check our Twitter page, every single announcement of winners for every AMA of Twitter space is there.

The first AMA was held in this community.

The second was a general Twitter space, and all information regarding it are on the Twitter handle.


Thanks for your answer.
I didn’t know you didn’t get financed for that period. :no_mouth:
But I hope that the new reports will reflect the amounts of all spending?
As example - AMA with cryptocommunity (50 AURORA - 5 winners for best questions and etc).

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No worries.
This month’s report will consist of detailed activities.

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