[Report] Aurora Africa September


It’s great to come back to the forum with reports of all we did in September.

It will be recalled that we received funding to build an AUORA AFRICA community.

Work began in August with a glimpse report. We had much growth, even beyond our target, and also some issues encountered.

These were our targets to kickstart the community.

  1. Local offline events for educating newbies and crypto enthusiasts of Aurora
  2. Online events to reach the online communities
  3. Hackathons to introduce intending web3 builders to Aurora and subsequently build on the ecosystem.
  4. Social media handles continually educate the communities about Aurora and enable other communities to reach us.
  5. Educational materials
  6. Working with African influencers


  1. There was no offline event as it was too early to hold one.
  2. Online events.

We were able to hold the following AMAs within this period.

Below are the tweets, and links to the AMAs and the rewards distributed.

  1. There was no hackathon organized as we needed to also bring the perfect team and community to host this
  2. Social media handles statistics.


This gives a summary of our Twitter growth and impressions. From 69 followers by end of August to 347 followers by end of September, With 100 tweets.


Here is our growth analytics for telegram. With 89 active users and 152 new users as compared to last month. From 145 members in August to 275 by end of September


The below photos show our page growth. From 89 followers by end of August to 156 by end of September


We had five articles on our medium page with these stats to show. From 2 followers in Aurgust to 32 in Septwmber

  1. We were able to make infographics for projects built on Aurora as found here. Also made 5 YouTube videos to educate about Aurora and projects built on Aurora.

  2. We had to go with onboarding from African communities rather than giving us baseline community members, to begin with….and have begun some conversations with some of these. Their ticket prices were far above us.


  1. For AMAs. We used $470 for AMAs. For winners and admin fee for those with outside communities. Details are on our Twitter page as included above in the link.
  2. We had an invite contest, most active member contest, and monthly trivia

Which:a. $100 in pool for highest invites…yet to shared.

b. For Trivia, $5 in Aurora for first, and $3 in Aurora for second.

c. Most active member contest….$10 in Aurora to one person.

THIS SUMS TO A TOTAL OF $588 in AURORA used for our own community.


We have been keen in helping to build an Aurora Ghana community and helped sponsor two AMAs for the community with $60 for two AMAs as seen below. Rewards were distributed by their admin.


For team, $900 was shared across six team members.

$150 for each of @Arinsmart @CLINTON , @Mimichinaza , @Omotola @Thiago @Ella

Comparing with funds received, we have used $1548 and $452 left due to not fulfill the partnership with influencers which was due to 1. High ticket price.

We also launched an intern mod training program to help train members of the community for opportunities within the ecosystem. This training shall increase wider in the coming months.


  1. Launch Aurora Africa Solidity training. This leads to adding a more qualified developer to our team @asteve12 GitHub. Details shall be found in our next proposal.
  2. Attend an in-person event in Nigeria to boost marketing/developer collaborations


  1. Begin a YouTube Aurora Series

Thanks to the community for all help so far


September was indeed a great month for us, I’m positive October will be better💪

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Hello, thanks for report.

With all due respect, but we offered a special report format to make it clearer how our groups are growing.

Did you see this topic?

Lots of pictures and it’s hard to understand your growth.
You can post links to events on your Telegram.

Could you write it, how much was, how much has grown, and in which networks according to the new report form?

2 AMAs from August and for 1 - 2 pictures in report.

Also in some pictures I can not understand when this or that event took place, there are no dates.
As example

1 video for September

2 articles for September

Thanks for the questions asked.

This very AMA, was done in their community and we had to sponsor it with $100 to cover both admin and giveaway fee. They shared the prices after the AMA… Tweet for rewards is attached to our report too.

This is an invite contest that lasted for the full month of September.

This is true…our head of content was ill for a few weeks and this happened. However, we have some articles/videos that will be uploaded this week.
how to create aurora.docx (8.4 KB)
The designs are also ready to be added to the work.

Thank you for report:

Could you please:

  • share information through all Aurora Mexico community social media from Aurora Community news stream; Very important.

  • Host AMAs with Ecosystem projects;
  • Translations onto native languages;
  • Organic growing in Aurora Africa Community (target 2K-5k active users).
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Thanks for these suggestions.
Yes, we will share more information across the ecosystem and hold AMAs of projects built on Aurora.

For the active users and that number, we will have to up our budget as we seek to work with some influencers. Most have too high budget ticket.